Why I find myself confused when the clock turns 22:22 and other observations

Hey friends!

November is almost over, the winds are getting rougher and temperatures have dropped (it even snowed for a good five minutes the other day!) but I’m still absolutely loving life in Edinburgh. I survived the first wave of essay deadlines in October, celebrated my first ever Halloween, have had some ridiculously fun nights out with my mates, and enjoyed many afternoon cappuccinos while breathing in the air of Scotland and being grateful. Since a little over a month has passed since my last post (and that’s a looong time), it’s really hard to serve all my experiences in a flowing manner. So rather, I’m going to chop up this post as I did my last one, and list some of the more interesting observations that I’ve made so far about the life and people here, as well as about myself, in a random order:

  1. I am a “list person”. I LOVE lists. They are on post-its all over my room, they are in my planner and in my iPhone Notes, they are in my head and now, apparently, they are even in my blog. (Lists just make everything so much easier and more understandable, no!?)
  2. Being Estonian, I thought I knew what strong winds were, but turns out I had NO idea. I had heard stories about the notorious winds of Scotland, but always thought to myself that it can’t be THAT bad, right!? Much to my surprise, it can. It’s THAT bad. So future exchange students – if you want to survive here, furnish yourselves with a parka, a hat, a huge scarf (or seven), an enduring umbrella and a lot of patience, because you’re about to be swept off your feet (and I’m not talking about the beauty of Edinburgh or the viking-looking Scottish men this time).
  3. People here are almost too polite for my taste. Of course every time a shop keeper asks “How has your day been so far, dear?” my cold Estonian heart melts a little, but if I’m standing at the bus stop with ten other people and let’s say it’s raining (it usually is) and the bus driver opens the doors and NO ONE is getting in because everyone is gesturing to let others go before them, then I get confused. Dear Scots – we’re all going to fit on the bus, so please just hop in and let me get in from the rain!!
  4. A lot of my international friends have no clue about zodiac signs. To me it’s so clear that that guy is acting exactly like me because he is also a Gemini, and obviously I get along with that girl because she’s a Scorpio and many of my best mates are as well, and of course things didn’t work out between those two love birds because their zodiac signs simply do not match!! Arghhh, how am I the only one seeing this?? And why don’t my friends seem to care?? Is that an Estonian thing?
  5. Before coming here, I always thought of myself as an open book. You have a personal question? I have no problem answering honestly. Even if I haven’t known you for very long. Turns out, there are many people willing to tell you their whole life story in the first five minutes you meet them. And if you put all of us on a scale of openness – I would be somewhere at the very end with the diaries with those cute little locks that every 11-year-old girl owns. But that, friends, is the beauty in meeting new people from all around the world – through them you always learn something about yourself!
  6. Exchange students are on a different time than other people. Time flies faster for them. Yes, I’m pretty sure that’s a fact.
  7. Before coming to Scotland, take the time to critically plan your finances. And I mean very critically. I knew it was going to be expensive but I was not ready for a lump to appear in my throat every time I check my bank balance.. And I don’t splurge! I have taken about 5% of the trips I have planned to take during my time here… I’m just living a normal student life.
  8. I cannot appreciate whisky. Yup, tried it. Yes, a couple of times. Uh uh, different ones. YES, even in a cocktail! Nope, still don’t like it.
  9. Halloween is a big thing here!! Shout out to my fellow Northern Europeans for whom it has always been more of a myth than an actual celebration. For the first time in my life I got to dress up (see picture below) and go to an actual Halloween party! Exciting times.
  10. Edinburgh does not cease to amaze me with its beauty (I know you were waiting for me to say that, he-he! Sorry, I just can’t help myself)! They are currently setting up the Christmas market in the city centre so I have a feeling it is going to be even better during the holidays!
  11. And finally – so why am I confused when I check my phone and it happens to be 22:22? Have you heard about the superstition that you can make a wish when the hours and the minutes on the clock “match”? Even if you haven’t before, now you know. And well the answer is simple – my dream that I’ve been wishing for for the past 9 months has become my reality ;)

Want to keep an eye on me living my dream? Stay tuned for future posts!




  1. 12270103_1200501159964667_1366383810_n

    Got a craving? Good. Remember the name The Caffeine Drip at West End. It’s a really cool little South African cafe with a variety of amazing hot chocolates (perfect for the gloomy Edi days) among other things.


    Auditioning for The Hunger Games. Just kidding. Just some shenanigans at the Estonian Society’s annual New Tallinn party.


    Enjoying an afternoon with coffee and studying at one of my favourite cafes near the uni – Press Coffee. If you’re socially anxious like me and even the thought of trying to find a place to study at the crowded library makes you sweat, than this quiet coffee shop just around the corner is just for you. Comes with a view!


    Enjoying a delicious cocktail a Michael Neave’s. Need a fancier place to celebrate a special occasion? Book a table, the food is delicious as well!


    Are you slowly getting why I’m obsessed with Edinburgh?


    HALLOWEEN!! Can you guess who I am? (Hint: the dragon is not a random choice. In fact, I am the mother of dragons!)


    Four nationalities, four personalities, one love


    Another great night out with friends at Silk Nightclub


    The colours of autumn in The Meadows


So much exploring. So little time. Apart from exploring Edinburgh (which continues to amaze me and I have hardly left Old-Town) the last two months have been full of adventures. They have also been full of schoolwork and paper-writing but that quest for knowledge is life-giving as well (although in a want-to-throw-a-book-repeatedly-against-a-wall-and-cry sort of way). But who’s to say that’s not feeling alive.

I have now seen some of the Highlands, Glasgow, Cumbria, Manchester and Amsterdam. And they all have their specific beauties.

The Highlands: The Sublime


Dunrobin Castle


The Garden, where a falconry show took place


Because you haven’t seen the Highlands until you’ve seen a sheep herding display







The awe-inspiring Loch Ness


The oddly alive city of Inverness yielded a chai cocktail…


That’s me tormenting a puppy. 


Fort Augustus


Someday I will climb you and find refuge from the shade


Glencoe, the definition of underrated sublime. Any picture here does not capture any piece of its magnificence, but purposes to remind the onlooker of the feeling.



Family Visit near Cumbria: The Comfortable


Pendragon Ruin


a newer castle


Kennedy’s Chocolate Factory’s masterpiece

My particular family stay was full of soup, alpacas, and other comfort. Due to the generosity and kind nature of my host family, I had a lovely time and learned a lot about the little things. While I would not have chosen to go to a small neighborhood Ceildh and awkwardly try to square dance like a Scottish person on a Friday, that was one of my favorite experiences.

Glasgow: The Darkly Colorful



My favorite

Edinburgh lacks street art, Glasgow does not.


Glasgow Cathedral 


The view from Necropolis

An afternoon is not nearly enough time to get to know Glasgow, so I shall be back with further conversations.

Amsterdam: The Surreal



Bikes, Boats and Bridges 

I did not capture much of Amsterdam with my camera, as I will be back in a few weeks. Neither the landscape or the buildings signify the surrealism of Amsterdam, but it is there, in everything, a beauty untapped yet exploding out of the culture. An Epicureans dream, Amsterdam is delicious in such a way that the joy and pleasure never end.

The travel I have done does excite me for more, but it also makes me appreciate my weekends and time at Edinburgh to a greater extent. I have also learned that it really does make a difference who you travel with, pick a friend or group that you are very comfortable with or simply go solo. Freedom is necessary for joy and impression. Friendship serves to complement this, but bonding with the new place and culture should come first.


Travel, travel, travel! (And a bit of studying in between)

First of all, my apologies for such a huge hiatus… My awe of the UK has not subsided at all since I first got here. I have spent some more time exploring Edinburgh, doing a bit of hiking, continuing to get lost and discovering new things about the city, and feeling more and more like a local. It still feels different and I do miss the comfort of familiar stores, home cooked meals, and sunshine, but nothing is as foreign as it used to be. I’ve also explored a bit outside of Edinburgh as well. I’ve hit Alnwick Castle (a ton of stuff has been filmed here including parts of the first two Harry Potters and Downton Abbey!), some parts of the Highlands, and London! The Highlands trip and London are probably my favorite places I have been to so far.


One morning I decided to walk around Edinburgh and tried to capture some of the beauty that I see everyday. This is the Meadows. When it is a dry, sunny day, it seems like half of Edinburgh decides to come lay out in the grass. I get to walk down this path pretty much everyday and there is usually either some soccer, rugby, or ultimate frisbee being played (in rain or shine). It’s a nice place to let dogs and kids run around, too. I never get tired of it.


This is a little alley behind the main library on campus. You don’t see a lot of graffiti around Edinburgh so I thought this wall looked kinda cool, especially in all the fog.


This is Buccleuch Place. Lots of classrooms and offices, etc. But I think it’s a really cool looking street.


So that morning that I decided to walk around Edinburgh, I went to eat at the Elephant House (i.e the “Birthplace of Harry Potter”). A pretty touristy place, but still awesome. J.K. Rowling supposedly wrote her first drafts of Harry Potter in this cafe. It’s also just a cute cafe to hang out at. You can’t see it in this photo, but you can also see the Edinburgh castle in the distance out the window.


This is George IV Bridge (it actually took me a really long time to figure out that this was a bridge… When you walk on it, it doesn’t seem like a bridge until you realize that there is another road underneath you – it’s a little trippy). Lots of cafes and little stores on this bridge (including the Elephant House) and the Royal Mile is at the other end.


I find the architecture in Edinburgh (and the UK in general) really awesome. There is way more history in each building then there is in the U.S. and I love that old, antique look.


So here’s the castle. I gotta say, it is pretty impressive. It sits on a big hill at the end of the Royal Mile. The Royal Mile is a street that runs from Holyrood Palace to the castle. A super touristy area, but still a fun street to explore.


This is the iconic view of Edinburgh from the top of Calton Hill. It’s even better in person.


This is the front of Alnwick Castle, and the front of Hogwarts! This is the path that Harry, Ron, and Malfoy walk down in the first movie on their way to have detention in the Forbidden Forest with Hagrid. So cool!!

I was absolutely blown away by our trip to the Highlands. I am a pretty outdoorsy person and was amazed by how beautiful northern Scotland is. It was a weekend long trip with a professional tour company and was a very nice introduction to how much there is to explore in Scotland. We hit a lot of beautiful little towns and touristy places on the way up to Inverness (where we stayed the night) and on the way back down to Edinburgh as well. At practically every place we stopped, my thoughts were, “Aaaah. Why is this so pretty??!! I NEED to come back here.” The tour guides also kept saying, “Okay, we are coming up on some really pretty scenery now,” and I’m like, “Oh, I guess all those rolling hills of orange and yellow trees with rays of light peaking through the clouds was the ugly part. Yeah, of course.” A couple highlights were Loch Ness and Glencoe, though I think Glencoe was the highlight of the weekend for me. It was just so gorgeous and somewhere I definitely want to go back to to explore and do bit of hiking.


This is the first stop we made on our Highlands trip. It was a really adorable, quaint town on this river. Absolutely beautiful.


Just one of the many amazing views traveling through the Highlands. And this was one of the areas where the tour guides were like, Okay the pretty part is coming up! So, to give some perspective, this was one of the “ugly” parts… I know, right?!


This is Loch Ness, obviously. Super pretty, but to be honest, not as exciting as it sounds. It’s a really really big lake.


This is Glencoe. The picture does not do it justice at all. It is amazing there. One of the prettiest places I’ve ever been to.


We finally found some hairy coos! The trip would have been incomplete if we hadn’t seen some.


This was the last place we stopped on our way back to Edinburgh. These are the Kelpies. You can see the people standing at the base to give you an idea of how huge these sculptures are. I found this really amazing – just the scale of the sculptures and how accurate they look! It’s also great at night because, as you can sort of see in the picture, they have lights inside that change color. So it is a really magnificent sight.

I spent last weekend down in London with a friend who happens to be studying in northern England for the semester. It seems like a cliche thing to say, but I LOVED London. This was my first time there and I came back from it thinking, I need to live here one day. It felt a bit like a mix of Los Angeles, New York, and Washington D.C., but with prettier buildings, nice weather (I hate the heat and love rain, so nice in my opinion), and cool accents. ;) I used to think I wasn’t a big city person, but it turns out that I am. I love the outdoors, but I also need to be close to a big city (I am from LA so…). I really like Edinburgh but London also made me realize that Edinburgh is quite a bit smaller than I’m used to. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Edinburgh, but London is… different. I could go on and on about all the things I loved about London, but that would take too long. Just go to London. It’s awesome.


You can’t go to London and not get a shot of one of these guys…


The London Eye.


Had to see Big Ben, obviously! I actually thought it was going to be bigger… But still awesome.


We walked down the walkway that runs under the Eye and along the river. Lots of cool little restaurants, street performers, and shops. This was a really cool little skate park with some amazing graffiti!


Same walkway. Really awesome outdoor bookstore thing.


And this is, what I refer to, as the Harry Potter bridge!! (I don’t know what it’s actually called…) It’s the bridge in Harry Potter that the Death Eaters destroy. As you can tell, I’m not a Harry Potter fan at all…

Being in this amazing place and it being so easy to travel (I’m also going to Madrid next weekend!), it can be easy to forget that I am actually here to study… (Don’t worry, I’m still going to class and doing my homework, Mom!) But finding that balance can be tricky. I was actually supposed to go on another trip this weekend, but I decided I needed a little time back in Edinburgh to get some work done and to also remind myself that there is still so much in Edinburgh that I haven’t seen yet either. The thing is, traveling isn’t just fun, it is also super educational. You gain so many experiences that you could not possibly learn from reading a book. So if you ever study abroad, travel as much as you can, but within reason. The book stuff is really important too! And don’t forget that the city you chose is also a place to be explored! Just because you are living there, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hit the touristy places there as well! And don’t be afraid to look like a tourist. I walk around Edinburgh with my big camera, I’ve been to the castle more than once, I’ve walked up and down the Royal Mile quite a few times, and I pretty much always get ambushed by those people who want unsuspecting tourists to buy their magazines or take their coupons, or whatever it is they keep shoving in my face. And you just smile, walk away, and think, “Tourist my butt! I’m a local now!” Be a local tourist – yeah, I just made that a thing. I’m a local tourist! And you gotta be it loud and proud!


I thought I’d throw this picture in as proof that I am studying! ;) In the library on a Saturday morning so early it was still pretty much empty!



Is this real life?

Hello friends,

Me again.  So, I am currently sitting in a cute little coffee shop eating a bagel with avocado and Vegemite (so good) and planning my excursions for next weekend’s trip to Copenhagen.  What has become of my life? I sometimes forget how crazy this whole thing is.  I just happened to glance out a window today in my corridor and the site of Arthur’s Seat just a few hundred meters away took me aback.  It’s easy to get caught up in schoolwork and socializing and forget how amazing this whole experience is.  Last night I booked a trip to Malta, and then Rome, and then inter railing around Europe to then meet up with friends in Amsterdam.  I don’t mean for this entire blog to be a giant brag.  But seriously, my life is pretty cool right now.  I have a solid group of friends here now, and the thought of leaving makes me extremely sad.  So we’re not going to do that right now.

I dedicated the month of October to exploring the immediate areas around me.  I went to Aberdeen/Dunnottar Castle, St. Andrews, Alnwick Castle/Newcastle, and Inverness/Loch Ness.  They were all day trips, and it still makes me laugh how I went to a different country and back in a day.  I saw so many castles, it’s ridiculous. My favorite place for sure was Alnwick Castle AKA  the castle in the first two Harry Potter films.  That wasn’t even my favorite part, though.  I met some girls along the way and we all decided to be cheap and not pay ten pounds for a tour of a garden.  Instead, we stumbled upon this treehouse, and it was one of the coolest things I’ve seen.  It was in the woods (obvi) and the bridge leading up to it was lit up with Christmas lights.  There were two swinging foot bridges, and the most fun I had was jumping up and down on them with the girls I met.  We probably looked like fools, but that’s irrelevant.  It was beautiful and playful and joyous.  I really need more adjectives because the coach back was also beautiful with the sun setting behind the English fields.  Life was good that day, and I sound super sappy.

This month and next I’m travelling to the rest of Europe.  I have trips planned to Copenhagen, Cork, London, Oslo then Tromso, Malta, Rome, and who knows after that.  I need to remember to stop and look around more often.  Never would I have imagined myself here, doing these things, at this time last year.  It’s crazy how things work out, huh?

Edinburgh is pretty sometimes

Edinburgh is pretty sometimes

Me sitting on a castle.. nbd

Me sitting on a castle.. nbd


Harry Potter castle


Bridge fun


Scotch whisky tasting. I hate whisky.


Edinburgh sunrise


The view from my runs. Nbd.


High tea


Tree house in the woods


Newcastle. The land of bridges


TL;DR Things are cool.

Friday, 6 November.

Good morning everybody! it is 7am here in Edinburgh and the kitchen is a little bit chilly. The weather is changing and the winter is coming (extra happy dances). I am sitting on one of the sofas that our kitchen is provided with, waiting for my morning companion (today is a special day cause there will be three of us). I am over starving! my yogurt with cereals is waiting for me, and incredibly I will drink black tea instead of coffee. I know what you are thinking… “you are turning into an English woman who is in love with tea”… but no, not exactly. I cannot deny that I love tea more than when I left Italy but I don’t think I could become a tea addict.

Yesterday night after having spent many hours with my favorite people on Calton Hill admiring the fireworks due to “The Bonfire night”, I came back home but before that Ellie has got the incredible idea to stop in Lidl and to buy some sweets for a cosy night. We bought marshmallow, that are not mushrooms ( I ALWAYS switch the two words) and two packs of Digestives (a must). In Italy shops sell just one flavor of that yummy brend of biscuits while here supermarkets’ aisles are completely bombarded of thousands and thousands flavors, from caramel (my favorite) to dark chocolate. It seems to be in heaven. After having eaten 6 biscuits and lots of marshmallow… I desparately asked to my flatmates to stop me from eating sweets over the next days (basically I am getting fat!)

I started this post this morning and I’m keeping on with it now. Hopefully it is not a problem for you. I am just so busy with all my lectures and I’m trying to balance those, with my essays and my life. That is not less important than the other points. I spent the whole morning in the main libarty, looking up fancy places to advise to a group of Chinese people who I met this afterrnoon ( I’ll explain you later), at 12am I had my first seminar of the day ( cause the other one was cancelled – happy dance again). If any of you will attend the “Introduction to European Theatre” lecture, be ready to read plays for one day to an other and reply to any questions will be ask to you on class. Nobody cares if you are still asleep. “English Literature 2” was so interesting, the aim of the lesson was to comunicate the importante of the “Felicia Hemmas” a female writer of the 19 century. It is very unsual listening different teachers every week or every two seminars, in italy that doen’t happen. Even though the the name of the teachers are scheduled it is a suprise every time.

By the way, this has been an unique day… why? I haven’t studied all day long. I always study in afternoons for almost 4 hours straight ( I am not a nerdy person… stop laughing). I spent half of my afteroon guiding some new Chinese students around the city (oh well, around the building of the University of Edinburgh. It was an activity organized by my course of Academic Writing to allow new students to getting into the students’ lives quickly. Ellie came with me :) I glad she accepted to come. After that, we went to Primark for buying some running stuff. Tomorrow morining I’ll have my first joggin session with her who is going to be my personl trainer ahaha ( not really) we will have so much fun. With new pink running shoes, how could we not?!

Thanks for reading!

Stay happy :)

Frederick’s, oh Frederick’s…


Last time, I promised I would come up with some useful pieces of information about Auld Reekie. I know, quite some time has passed since my introductory post (my more than feeble excuse: once in Edinburgh, social media usually drops dramatically on the what-I-really-gotta-do-tonight-list), but at least I’ve got something to say. Well, here we go.

To all of you who still find themselves in the tricky position of deciding where to go on exchange. I’ve got your answer here, ready for you. Look.

You shoul

You ought to go to a place where you can see this.


Or this.

Guess where these shots were taken. Precisely. To be even more precise: the first one (the shrewd amongst you might have spotted the reflections in an instant) on the bus passing North Bridge. The second one (the even more shrewd amongst you might have spotted the Scott Monument in there) originated on Princes Street.

What they’ve got in common? A random evening and sunset in Edinburgh. Were they taken on the same day? No. Promise.

And now (what you’ve all been craving for), it’s about time for some real info – this time I mean it – about Edinburgh academia.

First, you must know that I’m from Germany. Why? Because German semesters at uni tend to be as follows:

  • Sleep.
  • Drink. (+ eat, if applicable)
  • Sleep.
  • Sleep.
  • “Gosh, exam period coming up again?!”. (two months have passed at this point)
  • Study.
  • Write exams.
  • Holidays (plus term papers). (for about two and a half months)
  • Same thing happening again.

Straight away: this is not happening here in Edinburgh. You’ve got quite a few deadlines within the semester, be it essays, smaller written assignments, orals, etc.

To be honest, it appears to me that you get more out of it in the end. And, what’s more, your weekly schedule is really different from our system back in Heidelberg.

Most of the lectures only last for about 50 minutes, which I’d dare calling a sheer bliss – if you compare it to our 90-minutes-lectures, in which you usually fade into a state of mental deadness after about 45-50 minutes. What an odd coincidence. Your only task for the remaining half of the lecture? Longing for it to end. Fast. Please.

(And in the special case of our politics lecture hall in Heidelberg: what you do after each lecture is desperately trying to cure your backache – wooden ‘chairs’ and metal ‘backrests’. Thanks for that.)

What you do after each lecture in Edinburgh instead? Most probably getting out of one of those well-cushioned, they’re-even-more-comfy-than-they-look chairs and say something like “Yeah, nice. Let’s do it again on Thursday!”


Be your own CEO. With your own executive chair. At Edinburgh Uni.

Finally, to all of you who made it to Edinburgh already. I’ve got something for you too. Here you are.


Large hot chocolate and double chocolate fudge cake. Again, from left to right.

My pleasure.

Would you like to make it your pleasure as well? No worries then. Go to Frederick Street, stand in front of the local co-op branch. Turn right and look for a turquoise sign – it’s your ticket into a world of almost infinite indulgence (see evidence above).

A quick, though outstandingly important remark on my personal integrity: I am not listed on the responsible coffee house’s payroll (even though it’s a shame, I think). In this (admittedly highly unlikely) case, I would have certainly mentioned its name at least once, if not twice. Minimum.

And next time, I shall be concerned with where to eat a proper German currywurst (or at least something that comes close to it – at least as close as it gets in the UK. No offence!).

Stay tuned.

خدا حافظ

Remember November

How is it already November?! It is halfway through semester one, and all I can say is that time has flied! A lot has changed since my first blog post, but all good things! One important distinction between the beginning of the semester and now is that I have made incredible friends that have made my experience in Edinburgh extremely enjoyable and memorable. Its amazing to have made friends from different corners of the world, who study completely different courses to me and lived different lives growing up, whom I click with in a way that almost makes me sad I hadn’t met them sooner. However, as I keep reminding myself, to make the most of the time I have with everyone here while I can.

This is the second time in my life that I have gotten to know a city better than I know my own at home. Its pretty weird, but I wouldn’t change it! Over the past few weeks, I have had friends visit and have been totally impressed with my ability to show them the city! I love knowing which street leads where, what buses to catch and which bars to visit to grab a good beer. My life is good here, with a balance between spending time with friends and spending time in the library! My expectations have totally been exceeded with the quality of teaching at the University of Edinburgh. My courses are interesting and quite challenging, urging me to stay on top of my studies and learning about different topics in detail. Sometimes it can be tough to see passed the assignments, but there is always someone there to help if things get tricky. So far I am happy with my academic studies.

My brother and I continue to remain very good friends, as I have mentioned before, a rare relationship to have between us. But of course, just another bonus to being in Edinburgh. Unfortunately with his masters course becoming more demanding and mine also, we have not had as much time to hang out as we did before. However, this just makes me appreciate our catch ups a whole lot more. I have always found my brother to be really funny, so when we get laughing about different bizarre stories we share with each other, its great! Brother/sister bonding has become so good that I even brought my brother along to a few house parties and pubs. Having some of the same friends is turning out to be pretty cool.

My best friend just recently visited the city for the first time, we actually had a little adventure getting here. The reason being because we drove all the way from Dublin to Edinburgh (with the ferry midway of course). After a very long day of driving and stopping for coffee to keep me from falling asleep (it was after halloween weekend after all!) we finally made it to my second home, here in Edinburgh. Firstly, I had to make sure that she could pronounce Edinburgh, then we were good to go and explore the city. We had a wonderful time together, and it was honestly so special and important for me to be able to show such a close friend what my life is like here. Unfortunately, there were some classes I had to attend, so during that time I gave her a detailed description of where to visit and I was extremely pleased with the outcome after her short visit. “Edinburgh is the first city to have made the best impression on me in the shortest amount of time”. Of course, I was extremely happy to have a friend who felt so passionately about this wonderful little city I have gotten to know. Next semester, I hope to visit her in Lyon where she is residing on her erasmus.

There are so many more little things that I have done here while despite seeming insignificant and average have made me happy and imprinted into my storage of good memories. Theres is no doubt that there are plenty more, so for now I will sign off with the strong belief that this year abroad will be one of the best.

Fantastic new friends to say the least.

Fantastic new friends to say the least.

A few of my friends who came to visit, on top of Calton Hill.

A few of my friends who came to visit, on top of Calton Hill.

Helped a friend out with her zombie makeup.

Helped a friend out with her zombie makeup.

I didn't actually spend Halloween in Edinburgh, I spent it back in Dublin. Nevertheless, here is my terrifying costume!

I didn’t actually spend Halloween in Edinburgh, I spent it back in Dublin. Nevertheless, here is my terrifying costume!

An old friend and a new friend.

An old friend and a new friend.

My best friend and I, unfortunately not looking very attractive with the sun in our eyes!

My best friend and I, unfortunately not looking very attractive with the sun in our eyes!