Accommodation at the University of Edinburgh: Pollock Halls


I have officially been in Edinburgh for a month now, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience in Lee House at Pollock Halls. Before coming to Edinburgh, I was worried that having the accommodation not on campus like it was at the University of Toronto – Mississauga that I would find it difficult to get to my classes on time or even to find my way. I was very wrong though. Having my accommodation be about a 25-minute walk gives me time to wake up for the day and experience Edinburgh as a city, not just as a campus. I have tried various routes to and from the campus, making the most of my travel time.

Sink, cupboards, and closet

My room in Lee House is very spacious. It is a single room with a sizeable desk and closet space. I managed to fit both my suitcases into the cupboards above my closet fine and have another cupboard free. My room also has its own sink, which is great for when I want to wash my face, brush my teeth, or even wash my hair when needed. There is a shelving unit above my desk with 3 large shelves, and there at 2 large bulletin boards on the walls for photos, calendars, and other information. There are also several outlets available in convenient spaces around my room. I brought my power bar from home with my Canadian power sockets so that I only needed to purchase so many adaptors, which I highly recommend bringing to anyone who does not use UK style sockets at home.

Bed, desk, set of drawers, window, shelves, and bulletin board 1

Lee House is a catered residence, meaning that I do not have to cook my own food, it is provided for me at the JMCC (John McIntyre Conference Centre). This is the restaurant where all residents in Pollock Halls eat breakfast and dinner. You use your key fob to enter and then choose what you would like to eat out of a wide selection in a buffet-style setting. So far, I have enjoyed most of the food, but taste varies by person so you would have to decide whether you like the food or not for yourself.

Pollock Halls is also situated right near Holyrood Park and Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano people enjoy hiking up. This makes for an incredible view as well as a great spot to clear your head and get some exercise. I haven’t hiked to the top yet, but I almost got there the one time I did it, I felt it was too steep and muddy for me to continue the hike though.

JMCC in foreground with Arthur’s Seat in back, view from my room

So, if anyone is feeling weary about accommodation at the University of Edinburgh, or are not sure which one to choose, I hope this blog helped with getting a better look at and understanding of Pollock Halls and specifically Lee House. Other things to include about Lee House are its 2 common rooms located on the ground floor and laundry facility just outside, next to the main door. There are also various grocery stores around the campus and area, and I have not had any trouble finding them myself.

I have found my living experience to be amazing so far, and I hope others will as well.

By Rena.