A Coffee Addict’s Guide to Edinburgh and Beyond

Although I may not call myself a coffee addict, I am certainly addicted to coffee shops. The welcoming, cozy atmosphere is immediately alluring with no two shops alike. Most coffee shop addicts have their go-to shops back home, but living in a new city requires finding the best new places for a cup of joe. Read on to find my go local spots, plus some of my favorites for all of those who will need that cup to make it through days of traveling.


Press Coffee, Edinburgh

Conveniently situated next to campus, this might be my favorite coffee shop in the city. Intimate round marble tables, yellow walls, and intricate moldings make this place instantly inviting and devilishly European. The coffee is served in robin egg blue ceramic cups and saucers making for a pretty picture before you take a sip. Don’t forget a scone (with clotted cream!) to make your experience especially British. It’s perfect for a coffee date or study session (there’s access to campus wifi!). You won’t regret coming here.

Press Coffee, Edinburgh

Cult, Edinburgh

This shop is tucked away between campus and the Meadows making it a convenient journey from a lot of campus housing. Don’t let its slightly dark underground setting deter you. The coffee is great, the tables big for getting work done, and the merch too temptingly cool. Let the brick walls transport you to Brooklyn or San Francisco and feel a little more international while you are enjoying your coffee.


Three.14, Edinburgh

It’s easy to miss this modest coffee shop, but think of it as a hidden gem. Only a few steps from Pollock halls, Three.14 is the perfect stop for a coffee on your way to or from class. The colorful façade will draw you in, the interior will make you never want to leave. Its petite kitchen-like vibe makes you feel instantly at home. The pastries will make your mouth water. Although the lack of indoor seating isn’t conducive to staying, you’ll be too distracted by its charm to ever want to leave.


Da Matteo, Gothenburg, Sweden

One of Buzzfeed’s top coffee shops in the world, Da Matteo is an amazing hideaway just out of the city center in this Swedish Metropolis. A small courtyard and plenty of indoor seating make this shop instantly inviting. Sit beside university students and friends enjoying an afternoon coffee and you will instantly understand why Sweden is one of the best places to live in the world. Make sure to try a Kanel Snegle, a classic Swedish Pastry.

da matteo1
Da Matteo, Gothenburg

Bevar’s, Copenhagen, Denmark

Bevar’s is the embodiment of the Danish concept of hygge. With no exact English translation,  it can roughly be described as the act of living cozily. Think sweaters, hot chocolate, candles, etc. Described as hyggelig (hygge-like), this café is immediately welcoming. The lights are dim, candles are located on the soft wood tables, and the walls are adorned with small drawings and decorations. Enjoy a warm cup of coffee, perfect on cold Danish days. Wrap the mug in your hands and warm them. Put your phone away and enjoy a chat with your companions. A wave of contentment will rush over you a perfect mélange of coffee, atmosphere, and company.

Caffe Vittorio Emanuele, Bologna, Italy

If I could recommend one thing to do in Bologna, it would be to order a caffé latte (possibly the best I’ve ever had) and sit outside. It’s located on the Piazza Maggiore, the historic centre of the city. Wear your sunnies, sip your latte, let your body soak up the sun, and feel like a true Italian. Pair your unforgettable coffee with an unforgettable location.


Thanks to the ubiquity of coffee and coffee shops, coffee addicts and lovers alike will be able to survive in Edinburgh and Europe. Hopefully this list will be a starting point or a fall back in times of need.