BLOG 5: Rediscovering the New Town + day trip to Rosslyn

Good afternoon my friends! Long time no see! It’s been a month since I wrote my last post and I have to say that it has been a quite busy month hahaha

My lectures and tutorials are officially finished today and now I have to focus myself on the exams that are to come…

But before that, I’ve been able to spend 4 days with my family in this beautiful city as they came to see me last week. My time with them gave me the opportunity to discover that part of the city that not everybody talks about: the New Town. + the opportunity to take really nice pictures

It is true that the old Town is probably the most beautiful one in the world hahaha but the New Town is also very interesting in its own way. When you come to Edinburgh, don’t forget to make the proper tours about the city as you will learn a lot about the place you are living in… if you do them and you are able to get good weather, I promise you won’t regret it hahaha

My family loved the city as much as I do, because after seven months living here I just can say that I am completely and undoubtedly in love with Edinburgh, and I am sure that you will fall in love with it as well. I will show you some photos of those beautiful views I got from this New Town, unknown for some people, loved and hated for others…

Rediscovering the new town 6  From the beautiful and pictureRediscovering the new townsque Old Town… I have to say that I am in love with those two photos here..






Rediscovering the new town 2  To the beautiful 19th century New Town… This is the monument to Sir Walter Scott.

Rediscovering the new town 4 This is one of the streets of the New Town, as you can see, it represents really well the Victorian period.

Rediscovering the new town 3  And here as you can see is Sherlock Holmes! I didn’t know that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle actually lived in Edinburgh and that this incredible and well-known character was created in this city. You can also see the house where Conan Doyle lived, but I’m afraid I don’t have photographs of it.


If on the other hand, what you prefer is to travel outside the city, I’m sure that this next day trip that I did with my family will be a good option for you.

We decided to go outside because my family had already seen the most important parts of the city, although, of course, the city has too much to offer and too many places to discover that it is completely impossible to see it all in just three days… even I, which have been living here for seven months, don’t know the city that much hahaha

Rosslyn is a small town outside Edinburgh. You just need to take the bus to go there, and buses are really easy to use here. It has one of the most famous chapels in the whole world. You may know Rosslyn Chapel as the one that appeared in the film: The DaVinci Code. The fees to enter the chapel are 7 pounds for students and 9 pounds for adults. And children under 5 don’t pay. Those fees are used for the maintenance of the chapel.

I have to say that I loved the chapel so much. It had a lot of different details and there is a small tour given by the people working in the chapel, about its history. Unfortunately the tour is just in English so my family couldn’t do it, but I could, and it gave a lot of information about the chapel, very very interesting if you are into history and old tales.


Unfortunately the photos that I have from the cRosslyn-Chapel-Edimburgohapel are also with my family in it, so I will leave you two images that I found on the internet.




rosslyn-chapel-photo_19099235-fit468x296 If you decide to come to Rosslyn, there is also a gift shop and a small café next to the chapel that you can visit as well. In addition, 10 minutes far from the chapel, there are a lovely walk that leads to the rests of the Rosslyn castle, with a very interesting story.

This is all for today.. I hope I can write more often from now on as my lectures and tutorials are over… Exams are almost here… hopefully you will find all these discoveries of the city as interesting and beautiful as I do!

See you soon!!

Best wishes,