BLOG 4: The other side of the University of Edinburgh

Good morning!!!

This post was supposed to be written around two weeks ago but my uni duties took most of my time because I had one essay to write and family visiting me everything at the same time…Murphy’s law: if everything can be at the same time, it will be! hahaha… but I was able to work everything out without much problem hahaha!!!

I’ll start from the beginning… So at around the middle of February I received this email from the uni careers service about an event that would take place during the Creative & Cultural Careers Festival. This festival would, at the same time, take place during our creative learning week, which is a week at around the middle of the second semester where students don’t have lectures in order to work at home. The email was the following one:

Publishing fair email.png


What was my surprise when I read about this!! When I started my degree in English Literature and Linguistics in Spain I wasn’t sure about what I expected to study and achieve after the degree but still had four years to figure it out. Now, in my third year I’m still struggling with that but always felt that my Erasmus year abroad in an English speaking country would give me the opportunity to see different yet interesting options to research about. Always had the feeling that this year would change my perspective about English Lit and the different ways of approaching it as has actually happen!

When I saw this email I was super excited because what I had felt was startinCccf primer mailg to become a reality! With much excitement I decided to book a place for this event which was among other different and interesting events in this festival. As you can see in the email, the event took place the 1st of March 2017. This day was going to be pretty busy for me as I will explain in a minute.

From this event I took a lot of things with me, besides all the flyers, of course hahahahaha


Publishing flyers

To provide you with some context, Appleton Tower is a building in the central campus in George Square. This building has a big hall where you find some lecture theatres, a café and a space with computers. The fair took place in the hall where we found a lot of different stands from a lot of different publishing companies including the ones from the different universities that offer publishing masters for postgraduate students. I have to admit that those stands were the ones where I spent most of my time hahaha although I was able to visit all of them which were really helpful to get as much information about the publishing world as possible. I even got two new books for free!!

Foto powerpoint cccf

I also went to one of the conferences of the two scheduled for that event. The conference was also very helpful to solve all
our doubts and questions, besides being able to understand and know a bit more of this world from the hand of one of the persons who has been working for that world since long time ago…


That was pretty much all what the event was about – I wanted to show you that uni is not just books, lectures, tutorials, essays and exams… the University of Edinburgh has a huge range of different activities to offer for you to make your own research to know what to study next or find out about your dream job!

And following with this topic, I would like to talk to you about other of the departments of the university and other possibilities. And that is the volunteering office! Also in FeTeaching emailFebruary I received another email from this department with the next information:


As you can see this is a volunteering programme to be, in my case, a Spanish Language Assistant in a school in Edinburgh. As I said before, I had the feeling the Erasmus year would give me the opportunity to know more about the different paths I could choose from, and eventually make me find my own place inside the English language world… And that is what has actually happen! Two different options that I can follow that took place within a month of difference!! The publishing event and this opportunity of working in a school one day a week for the whole semester!!

The selection process for this volunteering programme was a bit long has I had to do an interview and then wait until I knew that they had chosen me to be one of the assistants. I was very happy to know that they had decided to chose me for the programme as it would help to develop new skills and learn about teaching and the teaching system in Scotland. I’ve just started this programme so I can tell almost nothing yet but I promise to keep you updated with all the news and what is going to happen in the next months…


See you soon!!!

Love, Pilar.