Freshers‘ life challenges

Confused? Impressed? Lost? Whatever your feelings are, remember: all of us are in the same situation.

Everything is new for us…  people, places and even the way (quality) of life. You know, for some of us our previous life was a “mom hotel“. Every time we came back from high school on weekends or so, our lovely moms cooked, washed and did ironing for us. From now on, there is going to be nobody like that for us. We gotta stand on our own feet and be strong! (This sounds like a political campaign but I just want to support us :D) Therefore, reading this short post will (I hope) make you feel a bit better and comfortable with your situation. Moreover, have a look at my photos for inspiration for your future trips around the city.


Although I am only an exchange students staying here for one semester, I have to get used to everyday life in Scotland as well. Here are some things which were quite… hm, how to say it… challenging.


#1  First of all, as a non UK-person, driving and even walking on the left is still a phenomenon for me. I love driving and am gonna miss it for the next three months so much. But sorry, I am definitely not keen on trying this way of driving (for my and everybody else‘s security).

#2 All saints! Why is it SO cold here?! I mean… in my home country (Slovakia) we are used to cold weather. But in winter, not September. Although I had to start wearing my winter jacket already now, the British people (and especially girls) seem like they’re on vacation. If you are one of them, I just want to let you know that even looking at you makes me feel colder… brr

Dugald Stewart Monument

#3 “Using certain objects for other than their normal purpose“. This would be probably the name for a students‘ lifehacks book. The thing is that in my apartment a few things had to be repaired. However, having a limited student-budget made me use things as a blanket to isolate windows OR to use a knife instead of screwdriver for my new IKEA wardrobe-construction. (Don’t try this at home!)

The National Monument

You see? Maybe you just found out how many things we have in common. Anyway, do not let them to stop you from enjoying your stay here. Therefore, I would like to end my post with a few encouraging word of Patrick Kilduff (Edinburgh University Students‘ Association President):

“Be open, be kind, be warm, be bold, be brilliant and be brave!“