Lunar New Year in London

Coming back to your uni routine after a long break can be challenging. I spent my holiday staying up late and running out and about. Now it’s all about tutorials from 9am and afternoons spent in the library… welcome back I guess. Before I truly accept this fact, I thought ‘why not go on a short weekend trip?’ (I guess you come up with all possible excuses  when needed). This year I was able to celebrate the Lunar New Year in London.


I chose flying over a train ride because a) I saved few travelling hours b) sometimes the plane tickets are ridiculously cheap. This is not my first time visiting The Smoke but I’m still puzzled every time I have to buy a right ticket. After a while sorting out which travel ticket to buy and which zone I’m going to be in.. my adventure can begin! I personally recommend buying a day travelcard if you have a packed schedule. If not, you can always pay for single trips and now you can even pay straight from your contactless card.



This time I skipped all the sightseeing locations and wanted to explore the corners of London that I wasn’t able to last time: Chinatown and Camden Market. New Year’s Eve was on Friday and I thought where else to get into spirit than in hectic Chinatown? Street food was around every corner and I had some trouble choosing where to eat. I went to a Chinese restaurant to enjoy Dim Sum or how I like to call it: steamed bun heaven.

Having a hard time deciding where to eat…

On Saturday I visited the museum of London and spent a few hours looking around. The entrance is free and you pay extra for special exhibitions. The one they are displaying at the moment is called “South Africa: the art of a nation”. 

The British Museum – outside
The British Museum – inside




Food-wise I decided to visit Camden Market. I’ve only heard positive feedback and the majority of travel guides tell you to come with empty stomachs. I am glad I followed their advice. There are countless street food stalls with so great fusions such as the Korean burrito or your good old fish&chips.



I’m writing this blog post back in Edinburgh in a Old Town hideaway coffee shop. London, you were great, and now I’m back snuggled up in Edinburgh with my first assignment crawling to me sooner than I’d like to admit. On a happier note, I wish you all the best in the Year of the Rooster and I’m glad I can enjoy Edinburgh for another semester.

Thanh Ha