From the very south to northernmost point.

Back to the old routine, now. Essays, tutorials, lectures, library times. The holidays are over now. However that does not mean we cannot enjoy the wonders of the island. I spent my holidays not going back to my country (as most visiting students do) but staying here and enjoying the places of England.

I went back to London , four years since the last time I went there. It was like I remembered it. Busy, huge and with a lot of waiting in the queues but charming and lovely as always. Nevertheless, I did not want to see only London but new places as well. Cambridge and Canterbury were close so I decided to visit them also. Cambridge was really nice, with great architecture of colleges and chapels near the river Cam. Although the city was quite impressive and would be a really spectacular place to study, I experienced how expensive it is for tourists and this disappointed me.


Cute place to walk around before studying


Canterbury was expensive but its huge cathedral deserved the visit. There, I could see Thomas Becket’s tomb, someone I had studied before in my country. It was sunny –  people even went with short-sleeved shirts.

Bigger than it seems


Then, the semester began and with them, the lectures. However, as the first week is just the beginning I decided going camping to the very north of the Highlands. We went beyond Inverness along the east coast until we reach John O’Groats lighthouse

They look like witches’ hats

It was freezing and wet . I must say I experienced very cold nights there. I would consider repeating the experience owing to the extremely cold i felt,  but that was because i went camping and did not stay in accommodation. Then we headed to the most northerly point of Great British mainland, Dunnet head. dunnet-head

Having visited the north-east coast, we drove around the north coast towards the west and the south to Ullapool. In my opinion , if you ever go there, I would strongly recommend to visit the west part as it is far more astonishing. Despite having a very entertaining weekend , I got a virus . Next time, i won’t sleep in a tent while the wind and rain hit me so roughly.