Blog 3: Getting used to Edinburgh again

Hello everybody!! Long time no see!!

I’m so sorry for not having posted any post until today but this Christmas has been full of things to do and I’ve tried to spend as much time with my family as possible.

I decided to come back home to Spain this Christmas and it has been really nice to see the family again. Now, January has already gone and this semester is full of new works and things to do. Despite having to do some Language Analysis during Christmas, I’ve been able to enjoy spending time with family and friends and I’ve needed time to be able to get used to this beautiful city again.



Coming back again… There were more tears than the first time I came to Edinburgh…



Semester 2 has started, and with it comes new work and new tutors to meet… but first of all: WELCOME TO ALL NEW VISITING STUDENTS THIS 2nd SEMESTER! Welcome to the best time of your life… One piece of ADVICE: try to do as many things as you can because time flies and you will regret it if you don’t!

I have to say that I expected Edinburgh to be colder than it is right now, and also expected more rain… although today is probably one of the coldest days I’ve experienced so far hahaha

This post is basically to show you that I’m back, and this semester is going to be more entertaining now that I know what to expect from this incredible city. I’ll leave you with some beautiful photos from the other day because sometimes it is nice just to enjoy what we have around us.

Waiting to see what this semester has prepared for me… hope it is full of new adventures and I promise I’ll write again sooner hahaha

See you soon in the next post!!





Welcome to The Meadows in a cloudy day…archivo-31-1-17-15-26-52







… it is like the forest of a tale, isn’t it? At least that is what I think each time I go to the uni following this path…



PD: I’ve taarchivo-31-1-17-15-24-48ken this photograph from my window right now… Can’t believe it is this dark at 16:30… If you are from a sunny country don’t expect to see the sun in a while… Hopefully it will snow this year!!