The Highlands… again

I keep traveling as usual.  I will never change that …at least this year. Although I have been out of the UK this month exploring the Scandinavian countries, I will tell about my journey through the Highlands. Obviously, I had my weeks of studying. Not all the month was travelling. As exam period I spent my full time in the library searching for information and putting concepts in my mind. So what was my idea? Travelling before and after the exams. So after a good tour around Denmark and Sweden and having finished my exams, I decided to return to the Highlands.

Last time, I visited Loch Ness in the southern part near Fort Augustus. This time I wanted to visit something I had in mind before coming to Scotland: Urquhart Castle. We went to Inverness first, a town I had already seen before four years ago.

Lovely view of St Andrews cathedral from Inverness castle

That was lovely for it brought me back memories of my past. I remember living in that city in 2012. It changed a little, I would say. Then we headed to the most interesting part of the tour, the part I was desperate to watch. Urquhart castle stood upon me near the cold loch. It was the most incredible and amazing view of Scotland until now. It was freezing but that contributed to the great feeling I was having then. Imagining how it was in its days, how was it destroyed, who could have lived there. But the best was the views of the loch and both sides around: stunning

Isn’t it  impressive?

Of course, I tried to find Nessie. No luck, sadly, but maybe next time it will come out. Wet and tired, we visited the Commando Memorial (for me, for the second time). It was exactly the same only with a slightly difference: much colder, below zero. Well, that was my December month. Now, a new year comes, let’s see what happens…