Glasgow day trip & exam period

It took me a while to settle in and accept the concept of square sausages (they taste great btw) but once you get past that.. time flies fast. Maybe even faster due to strong wind. There are constantly events to go to and before you know it classes have ended. In Heidelberg semester one ends in February which means exams are not until the end of January/early February. Here all my exams are before Christmas.


  • I can enjoy Christmas holiday without any revision and worrying about exams (haven’t experienced that in a while)
  • After classes end you have all the time until your exam to revise —  in my case I have about two weeks


Glasgow Christmas market – this much candy should get me through the exam stress (I think?)


  • Few travel opportunities since revision does eat up most of your day’s time
  • Waking up really early to get a desired place in the library
  • I can’t enjoy the fabulous Christmas market without any guilty feelings of procrastination

For me personally I prefer to study in pods. A pod prioritises groups of three or more and the screen is useful for going through lectures slides. I am quite picky when it comes to place to study.. don’t mind me too much.

A main library pod (taken from the university website)

At times like this I truly appreciate any travelling I’ve managed to do up until now. A few weeks ago I went to Glasgow with friends to explore the city. We went along Buchanan Street and enjoyed afternoon tea in the Willow Tea Rooms. I can’t express my excitement enough for the fact that entrance to most museums are free or offer student discount.

The Willow Tea Rooms – friendly service and great afternoon tea!

Glasgow is only about one hour away from Edinburgh and if you buy a return ticket you can go anytime. We headed back to Buchanan Street towards the Christmas markets.

Glasgow Christmas market

It was raining most of the time but I guess that’s just something you have to cope with haha. Each city has its own charm and everyone has their own personal preference so I won’ t try to compare it to Edinburgh as, in my opinion, way too many do.

Buchanan Street at night

Another highlight of my past few weeks has been the Christmas markets in Edinburgh but I will dedicate another blog post just for it. Procrastination guilt is slowly kicking in so I will leave you here and until next time! Good luck to anyone who has their exams coming soon,

Thanh Ha

A little sneak peak of the most amazing Christmas market