Blog 2: Day Trip to Glasgow!

Two weekends ago I went on a trip to Glasgow and I haven’t had time to show you this beautiful city until now!

It was during my friend’s visit that we decided to make a short day trip to Glasgow, which, for the ones that don´t know the city, is about an hour away from Edinburgh.

Glasgow is a beautiful city, completely different to Edinburgh. I have to say that the trip didn’t start off very well since we missed the bus haha so we had to buy tickets for another bus. Finally, everything was sorted and we were able to travel to Glasgow. I used this time to sleep so I couldn’t see very much of the countryside, but it was raining and the rain didn’t let us see anything anyway.

When we arrived in the city, the sun was shining although it was a bit cloudy, which was pretty much expected taking into account that we are in the north of Great Britain. I have to say that the city is pretty amazing and although people say that it is the industrial part of Scotland, I think that this is in part quite charming as well. A lot of people compare Glasgow to Edinburgh and vice versa and say that Edinburgh is more beautiful. But I think that we cannot compare them because they are totally different. In addition, there’s no point in doing so since they represent different moments in history.

Since one of my flatmates is from Glasgow, I asked him what were the most interesting things to see there. He explained how the city centre was and told us to make a visit to Buchanan Street, which is like the shopping street (you can see the photograph below) and also to go to Kelvingrove, which has a museum and an art centre, and to the University of Glasgow, which was pretty amazing. My friend and I decided to look for some other things on the internet as well and we decided to go to “The Lighthouse” which is a tower that you can visit for free to see the city from a higher point of view. At that moment it started to rain and didn’t stop until we arrived back in Edinburgh.

Our plan was to visit things according to the distance to the bus station, so we first visited Buchanan Street and “The Lighthouse” and then Kelvingrove and the University of Glasgow. After that we came back to Edinburgh and we were wet because of the rain and really tired so we decided not to go out in Edinburgh that night, the next day was going to be full of things to visit and do. But that is the topic of another post…


As you can see, although it was cloudy and freezing, people were still outside doing some shopping haha

Here there is a panoramic photograph of Glasgow from “The Lighthouse”


Another photograph from “The Lighthouse”



Welcome to the Kelvingrove museum! It is pretty nice from the outside, and even more interesting and pretty inside. It is interesting to know that in Scotland a lot of the museums are free or have a student discount, which is very helpful when you like to visit them.


This is from the inside of Kelvingrove with that incredible organ.


This is also from another room in the museum


Welcome now to the University of Glasgow, which is really beautiful and seems quite old. It makes you feel that you are in other times…


This is another photograph from the University, you can also see how cloudy the day was.

I love autumn when it’s raining! From here, we went through Kelvingrove Park again to the bus station. And as you will be able to see in the next photograph, autumn was at its peak.




This is the end of this small adventure, and I’m sure I will visit this city again to see it in more detail. Thank you for following my adventures and sorry for posting this late! See you soon with another post! Cheers!