Exploring Edinbugh

December is approaching and also the such feared exams. It is the beginning of very stressful weeks. Spending evenings in the library, searching for information to do the essays, studying the notes you get in the lecture,  uploading your works before the deadline, attending tutorials, etc.  I suppose everybody in university  is feeling nervous and stressed, just like I am feeling right now.

Being in such a situation and advancing work for the next international trips I am planning to do in December has made me stay in Edinburgh and not travel around Scotland as I have been doing for the past two months. That is why I decided to do some local sightseeing. I have not been able to go to the Edinburgh castle yet (at least this year, I was inside four years ago). I wanted to return to Arthur’s Seat and gaze the wonderful sight it is, but I am not used to the day getting dark at 4 pm yet.  So, i went to Dean Village one morning just to walk and see parts of the city I have never been. I have never been in Germany but the architectural features of the buildings were very similar to the pictures i have seen of Germany and Austria.

Nice place for taking the dog for a walk

Having visited this peculiar area, I went to the Botanic Gardens. I have never been much fond of biology since I have always been a man of humanities. Yet, it is quite interesting how nature works and how different plants around the world can live in the same environment. American, Chinese, Spanish tropical, Australian, Canadian, and a long list as well. There was like a small aquarium there with curious species of fish and a really quiet tarantula as well. After this, I might go to the zoo. But for now let’s concentrate on December and the final stretch of the semester.