Five Marks Less

And another month has passed. I still look like a desperate housewife, now bathing the orchids on Wednesdays is a must that I can not give up. I still do gaffe every day of my life. One of the most memorable that it is absolutely necessary to mention, was when -after arriving breathless and of course late for my first sociology tutorial – I sat next to a guy and I expressed my joy at seeing that the professor had not yet arrived. Of course, the professor was the boy in question (well, maybe if someone had told me before that the course was held by Ph.D. students this would have saved me embarrassment!)

And then I wrote my first essay: the endless work hours, adding references in italic, then amending them, then writing the pages. I sent  a copy to every person that I know who knows more English than me to see if I’d finally written well (Camion and Aunt Ellis if you are reading, just know that I am your debtor for life) and eventually went to submit this cursed essay and expire the term at that moment … it is them who understands that the “never a joy” always follows you, also in Edinburgh.

But jokes aside, I’ve had a lot of joy! I have my travel buddy Clementina and with her also arrived: Melissa, Alice, Wami, Lavinia, Nina and Estella. With them, I make dinner, brunch and lunch. They can always make me forget about how much I miss home.




And I finally met a neighbor who is really nice!Thank you, Sabrina, I was about to give up hope. Last but not least there is my wonderful classmate in my English course which is only for exchange students (AEVS)! Love broke out in class after discovering that the mother of Yi Wun (Taiwanese) had filled her suitcase full of noodles like my mother had filled mine with pasta and parmesan. After that conversation, I realized that we are really all the same and from there to the Taiwanese Festival in Edinburgh was a short step. I met some fantastic people, who have decided to share part of their lives with me in the classroom and out. And for that, I’ll never be grateful enough.





In the next article: “photos of unlikely dinner of a student far from Mamy” ; “Desperate Housewives: the continuous” and “hooray, my sister is coming!”