From Taiwan to Edinburgh: learning from asking endless questions

Hello to everyone. I am Ching, an exchange student from Taiwan. I started my one year abroad six weeks ago. Six weeks are not very long, but I have learnt and seen so many different things in such a short time. One thing I love to do here, is to ask myself questions:

“ Should I try this one?”

“ Is this appropriate? Will it be interesting?”

“ Is this what the professor wants us to do?”

This is pretty different from when I was back in Taiwan. Probably because I major in biochemical science, everything is rather clear. We learn knowledge based on the findings of prestigious scientists. Our homework is clear, and it is easy to finish without thinking too much. Furthermore, we spent up to 30 hours every week in lectures, so we don’t have much time to think, to ask questions.

That’s why I am glad I am in Edinburgh. People are willing to ask questions in lecture and in tutorial. Most of the time, there is no clear answer at the end of the discussion. But the thing is, if you never ask, you will never think, and you will never know others’ opinions.


Edinburgh is a walkable city, and I enjoy those moments when I walk leisurely in the city, maybe from accommodation to campus, or just walk around.

When I walk, I ask myself questions, and sometimes I come up with an answer.


I tried to climb up Arthur’s Seat, and I was constantly asking myself if I should give up in the middle. But it turns out that “ You will only see more when you climb higher.”



I made an awful poster draft in my design class. The design class is challenging for a science background student like me. Even for now, I still think that I was crazy to enroll in a course from the art school.

“ No pain, no gain.” If I never fail, I will never grow. And so, I ask myself what the good things are about my poster and what I can learn from my classmates. In future, I hope it will be better, haha!


I was in the pub and asking myself: “ Should I drink alone here or should I say hello to someone out there and try to open up a conversation?”

To be honest, as an introvert Asian student whose English speaking is not so fluent, sometimes it can be formidable to strike up a conversation with people here. However, most of the time, I had a wonderful time meeting new people when I conquer my fear.



I was in Highland, and I was asking myself: “ What is the meaning of travel?”

And I found out sometimes I don’t need an answer.

Beauty is beauty.

(Loch Ness is wonderful by itself without Nessie!)

( For those who are coming to Scotland, make sure to visit the Highlands, and pray for a good weather.)

While I was meeting the tutor of one of my lectures, he told me:

“You need to read a lot, and think a lot, not write a lot.”

That’s right! I am so lucky to learn and ponder in such a world -class university and world-class city. I am convinced that I will definitely find out more new and unfamiliar things, and I will learn and grow by thinking about them.

Thanks for reading and never forget to ask yourself some questions!

See you soon 🙂