First month abroad

It has been quite a while since the last time I posted my previous blog, I know. So many things have happened. All of them fantastic. This month and a half has been great. I say this because of the many places I have visited so far. When I came here, one of the very first thing I did was to elaborate a list. A list with all the places I wished to visit during my stay here. Now, some of them have been crossed off.

I started the month of September by making a trip to the famous Scottish Highlands. We crossed the Firth of Forth by taking the Forth Road bridge heading to the Fife region. the views were amazing from the bus. The only inconvenient was becoming a little bit dizzy driving in such a curved terrain.  Gazing through the window at the so green landscape, I began to wondering how amazing is travelling. The more you do that, the more you will like it. Specially if it is a place far away from your home. The spanish landscape of the area where I live is quite different from the Scottish one. So, obviously, I was astonished seeing something I am not used to see.

Amazing sight of the Loch ness from Fort Augustus.

The ship was truly entertaining, sailing the cold waters of the Loch hunting a possible existing little creature. It was not as windy as I thought it would be. That was nice experiencing something I would not have at home. After visiting Fort Augustus, we went to the area of Glencoe, where many films were shot such as James Bond or Braveheart.

Next day, it was the time for Loch Lomond and Stirling. I must say that I expected more since we only saw a tiny part of the Loch and I desired to see more. Stirling, however, was interesting. The castle was like a tiny version of the Edinburgh one. But what I really like was the William Wallace Monument, far in the distance.

I would have liked to enter there.


Next week, I visited Hadrian´s wall. Being there, I could not help imagining how the life have been there 2000 years ago. Thinking that I was wandering in the border of the known world. In certain way, as a Game of Thrones fan, I thought about the George RR Martin saga and his concept about the wall since he based that from the Roman monument. Moreover, it was very lucky to have an historian student nearby at that moment, giving you explanations about how the baths worked and how they distributed the several kinds of waters they had according to the temperature.

The end of an Empire expansion.

Now, I am preparing for more trips in November. One of the things I was more interested about the Erasmus year was the fact of moving around the country, and for the moment I am making the most of it.