Fresh off the plane

Exactly one month ago I waved goodbye to my family at the airport and couldn’t wait to see how Edinburgh welcomes me. Much to my surprise the weather was sunny and pleasantly chilly during the first weeks. I took longer to settle in than expected. In fact, I have sat down countless times to start writing my experiences and adventures. However, most of the times it was quite hard for me to concentrate when your mind wanders off home and think about starting at square one all again. Nevertheless, I have become familiar with the streets, I can confidently cross a road only looking less than three times right-left-right.

My name is Thanh Ha and even though I am twenty years old I still haven’t fully mastered this thing called adulthood yet. My home city Prague carries a lot of hidden gems in the Old Town Square and I have a same feeling about Edinburgh. Wandering the streets of Edinburgh and enjoying the cobblestones street has helped me to deal with homesickness for sure.

on my way to Waverley station

Here’s a quick recap of what happened last month:

Episode 1: Pilot

I find leaving home heart-breaking  regardless of time and amount of chocolate in my suitcase. I successfully got to my student accommodation with less than twenty ”excuse-me-s” in the taxi. If you get accommodation provided by the University you obtain all the information needed even before your arrival. Everything is organised here, which my confused study abroad soul appreciated greatly. Just a little note to myself: Get use to the Scottish accent.

Episode 2: Fresher’s Week

My memories of Fresher’s Week seem to have faded away. It included a lot of university goody bags, pub crawls oh did I mention free Dominos pizza. Fresher’s Week is a great opportunity to make new friends. No matter if you are a pub kinda gal or prefer exploring cafes or spending an afternoon looking at sunset on Arthur’s seat – just try it all! I’ve been to coffee crawls, pub crawls and taster sessions of societies. You pay a small fee for a semester/year. The variety is incredible. I definitely recommend checking out the sports fair as well. I see myself as a rather shy person but Edinburgh has so much to offer I kind of leave all my worries locked in at home and just enjoy meeting new people – one of my top priorities I have set to myself before leaving my nest.


Brewlab coffee – my favourite coffee shop!



Lectures already started and it’s getting busy but I promise to take you guys on my journey. Bear with me dear buddies. I’m taking baby Edinburgh steps. Stay tuned because this kid just got excited to share everything now.

Thanh Ha

George’s Square