Edinburgh: Early Days

Hi, I’m Cass. I’m a third year Visiting Student from the US, now entering my fourth week in Edinburgh. I’ve not written a blog post yet so there’s a lot to catch up on.

Here’s a recap of my first couple of weeks:

FIRST DAY (September 10)

  • I landed in Edinburgh at 10:55AM, sweaty and disheveled after nearly 10 hours of travel. At around noon, I found a cab to carry me to my accommodation. The cab driver had the thickest Scottish brogue ever. I could make out maybe 10% of the things he said. I began my time here afraid I wouldn’t understand anybody. Luckily, that’s been in the only real time I’ve had that struggle.

First impressions:

  • I admittedly had culture shock my first day here. First, with my struggle to understand my cab driver’s accent. Second, with the traffic. I had no idea how people cross the road here. I literally followed and observed a local for two blocks waiting for him to cross.)Three weeks later, I can jay-walk with the best of the them -though I still don’t recommend it).
  • Edinburgh is absolutely lovely. The weather is much better than I thought it would be: sunny, breezy, pleasant. The entire first week I was just in awe of the city and its colour. All of the architecture is just this beautiful mottled orange. When the sun hits the brick just right, it’s Amazing. Also, the public transit system is a good time. Double decker buses!!!

FRESHERS WEEK (September 11 – September 18)

My lovely friend Abby stopping to take a pic as we walk up Arthur’s Seat.

During Freshers’ Week I:

  • hill-walked Arthur’s Seat on the rainiest, foggiest, windiest day ever. This ended up being a great decision because: 1) we had the whole majestic dormant volcano to ourselves, and 2) it just fulfilled my expectations of Scottish weather and scenery: lush greenery framed by endless fog. It was a lovely time, even if I did get water in my ears.
  • drank copious amounts of tea and stained my once-perfectly white teeth. I think my record is 8 cups of tea over one afternoon.
  • caught “Freshers’ Flu:” a cold which is spread through proximity to hundreds of new people during Freshers’ Week. Symptoms include: sore throat and plugged nose. My lovely English neighbour made me soup which warmed my soul. British people are so nice!! (generally)
  • met lots of lovely people and some not-so-nice people who made fun of my West Coast accent (Quote: “Ohmygod, like, totally.”)

That’s basically it for the first two weeks. I’ve done lots since, but that’s material for another blog post…


Cass ❤