One for the ‘first times’

Three weeks have past by so quickly! It seems yesterday when I arrived for the first time in Edinburgh and the cold rain and wind made their proper welcome. First of all I would like to introduce myself: my name is Ester and I come from Málaga, which is a city in the south of Spain; also, I am studying International Relations with Translating and Interpreting at the Pontifical University of Comillas in Madrid.  During the following months I will blogging all the new experiences I am about to live in this wonderful city and I am really excited to share all of them with you!

So let’s start from the beginning! As an Exchange Student I had the opportunity to attend the so known Fresher’s Week, which is basically 9 days full of activities of all kind: from parties to ceilidhs and free pizza, and even markets where you could go, grab the things that you fancied and take them back home for free! Personally, I have to say that the Welcome Week was extraordinarily well organized and the events were really useful and a fantastic excuse to meet new people; so don’t miss the chance to get the best of it when in Edinburgh.

My second week was a bit of a mess with the beginning of the lectures and some city sightseeing. The weather gave me a break and I could enjoy the breathtaking views from the top of Calton Hill and homemade meals by the castle gardens. Edinburgh has much to offer, there is literally a plan for everyone whether you are a museums person (by the way, most of the Museums are free) or you are more a pub person. As a bookworm I have found myself discovering the small bookshops that turned to be enormous inside with tons of second hand books at prices that you would not even imagine (and they have discounts for students! Is there anything more I could ask for?). One of my favorites is in Victoria Street (the street that inspired Diagon Alley), ‘Maps, Prints and Antiquarian Books’, which is quite small but very charming and with high quality books of every genre. Another one is called ‘Edinburgh Books’, in West Port, and it surprised me how big it is inside, definitely worth visiting!


As the brilliant Charlie said in Stephen Chbosky’s book: ‘At this moment I swear we were infinite’. I hope you guys, wherever you are, feel the same. See you again in the next post!

Love always,