A new beginning

I can’t believe how time flies! Two weeks have passed since I arrived to this magical city. The first week was one of the craziest weeks of my life.

I arrived the 10th of September around 2 pm. I met other Spanish girl during the flight and another one when I was going out from the airport. We were waiting in the queue to take a taxi which could bring us to the university accommodation when we realized that our challenging year was starting at that point:

  • 1st challenge: talk to the taxi driver with our “amazing” English and tell him where we want to go. So you can imagine all of us thinking about the best way to say it. We got into the cab and told him the address of the accommodation that was going to be our home for the next 9 months. Unfortunately the taxi driver didn’t understand us so we had to show him the address written on a paper. 1st disappointment. But it was ok, just because the first contact with a person from the city was not what we expected doesn’t mean everything had to be wrong, right?

When we arrived to our accommodation, we were received by our RAs (or Residence Assistants) and the staff of the residence who gave us the keys of our new home. That day was one of the most difficult ones. Just after arrived I had to go and buy all my bedclothes and my cutlery so I finally arrived at the accommodation absolutely tired just to go to bed.The idea of living with other people also scared me as I’ve never lived outside home.

  • 2nd challenge: getting on well with the new flatmates who appear to be in the same situation as we were. The only difference is that they were English native speakers and I am not and so that worried me a lot, you know.

During the first two or three days I didn’t see them that much as I still had to do a lot of shopping but as time was going by I started to talk to them more and to avoid being shy and try to practice my English the more I could. After two weeks spending my time with them I feel we are getting on really well and I’m really happy about that.

The first week is known as the “Fresher’s week” or the “Welcome week”, something we don’t really do in Spain and that is a nice idea. During this week there are a lot of activities, so many that you have to decide what you would like to do because you won’t have enough time to do them all. One of those activities was the “Ceilidh” dance which is a typical way of dancing here in Scotland. It was so funny and entertaining. And in our last day of the “Welcome week” we had a BBQ in the residence just in front of ours where we were able to meet some other people as well.

Next Monday the lectures started and so did the nervousness. Will the lectures be the same as in Spain? Will I understand the lecturers? Will I be able to follow the tutorials? Will I need to buy a lot of books? And so on… The first lecture of each course has been introductory just to explain how the course is going to be. After those introductory lectures we started with the material… until now everything has been really interesting. And now I can say that the differences between the way of teaching in my home university and here are huge. And that is something really good because it can make you appreciate more what you have at home but also what you don’t have and would be really helpful to have.

During these two weeks I have also done some trips to different touristic places just to be able to know them when my family comes (and so I play the touristic guide role hahaha). It’s better to do these trips now that we don’t have too much to do yet.

I’ll leave this post here and I promiss I will add some photos in future posts. Cheers!!