New year, new life

Arrivals are not always easy. You can be sure of that. So many questions in our minds: What should I do once I land? How can I get to my residence? Will my flatmates be good? I don’t even know them. Where can I buy my accommodation stuff? Where is my school? Who am I going to spend my course year with?   Especially if you are first year, you will understand me.

It has been more than a week since the day I arrived in Edinburgh. Although, it is not my first university year (my third in fact), it is my first year living by myself. So, these questions came to my mind the very first days. Nervous I was the first day after a long journey from Spain, far from the hot weather, and from my family residence. I just arrived by myself facing a new period of my life, very different from the one I had before.

The first day was quite stressful. Meeting so many people, buying food and kitchen stuff , telling your parents you are safe and sound in your new home… However, along this fresher week , I have proved to myself that I am a very versatile person. The adaptation always takes time, but at the end it is really satisfactory. I am completely adjusted to my new year.

One of my main thoughts as an Erasmus student was related to the University itself. I had my own idea of my University of Salamanca, that is why I was so curious to know how the new one works. I am really surprised about  Fresher’s . I do not know about other countries but in Spain there is no such thing as Fresher week. It has shown me that it is a marvelous way of meeting people, not only from the country you are in but from the other side of the world as well. It is unbelievable how many people can get together in the activities fair, so many sports to choose, so many societies you are interested in… There comes a moment when the dilemma appears: you wish to join several clubs at the same time but you feel forced to choose as you realise that you cannot have such a big time for all of them. This truly has astonished me. It is a pity my home university does not organise these kind of events, for it would be much attractive for the young people.

As for me I joined the Arthur’s Seat Climb. Loving trekking so much I could not help it.

Such an amazing view of the Firth of Forth from the top.

Not only trekking, as a Game of Thrones fan, I was shocked that one of the actors of the cast was coming to Edinburgh for Freshers. Of course I did not missed the chance to meet Hodor in person. Something that will never have happened where I lived.

To conclude, it can be said that this first week has taught me that I am ready to live by my own. Now, let’s concentrate on the life that lies ahead, what experiences has the future for me and of course I will share these little adventures with all of you.

Enrique Sánchez