Highland Exploration

I spent last weekend exploring the Highlands and Isle of Skye. It was absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful. And, believe it or not, not a cloud in the sky the whole weekend! Insanely lucky. Even the tour guides were baffled! I just wanted to say a quick note about taking advantage of the opportunities to explore the more rural parts of Scotland while you are here. The International Student Centre on campus is really good about putting together weekend trips, day trips, and even little events throughout the year. All you have to do is pay (all trips very reasonably priced considering they cover tour guide costs, accommodation, and often breakfasts) and show up. You can of course explore places on your own or find a tour independently which may suit some better than others, but going with the ISC eliminates all the hassle. Trust me. I admit that I am not the most sociable person around and big crowds are not my favorite thing in the world. I also am not a huge fan of buses since I get motion sickness pretty easily (sit in the front!). Taking these things into consideration and the fact that I am still recommending you go on these trips should tell you something. You can make plans to go with friends or go by yourself! I went to the Isle of Skye alone and met a ton of people. (Side note: It’s really amazing talking to people from all over the world. Or meeting people from where you’re from! It is such a small world. One of the girls I was roomed with was from the same town where I go to college!) Everyone is super nice and usually there are others that are flying solo as well. Plus, most of the time you are on the bus or busy taking pictures of the beautiful scenery around you. There is usually down time in the evening where the tour guides will sometimes take you into whatever town you are staying in so you can experience the nightlife. But you always have the option to stay in as well – travelling is exhausting!

You came to Scotland for a reason, so take advantage and see all that it has to offer! It is really quite spectacular.



Here are some pics of the beautifuls sights I saw, in case you needed any more convincing.


Inverness Castle (not quite as magnificent as Edinburgh’s)
Loch Ness
One of the many beautiful views during our drive.


Eilean Donan Castle (most photographed castle in Scotland!)


This just happened to be the view right outside our hostel on the Isle of Skye. A few of us were lucky enough to catch the sunrise too. Absolutely breathtaking!
Yeah.. So I might have been creepin’ a bit on this person.. But it was just too good of a shot to pass up!


Ben Nevis, the tallest mountain in the UK. Okay.. I’m like 95% sure this is Ben Nevis.. Or it’s just a really cool mountain…