Isle of Skye and Copenhagen

The past two weeks have flown by. I feel as though I’m still recovering from Innovative Learning Week. It’s crazy to think that classes will be over in 3 weeks when most of my time is dedicated to planning future trips. However, my next 4 weeks will be dedicated to studying for my upcoming exam.

Two weekends ago, I went on a three day, two night trip to the Isle of Skye with the International Student Centre, which hosts trips almost every weekend. I was not prepared for the amount of animal excretion in the highlands, the gorgeous views, and the lack of cell reception. We stopped in Inverness, Loch Ness, Urquhart Castle, Fort Augustus, Eilean Donan Castle, Caste Moil, Sligachan Bridge, the Cuillins, Old Man of Storr, Trotternish Peninsula, Kilt Rock, Mealt Fall, Lealt George, and Portree. Being that we only had two full days to explore, this tour was reminiscent of the budget tours I went on in my childhood. I loved being able to visit so many sites, but I wished that there had been more time to take in the views and more historical information available. Still, it was an incredible experience.

I never thought I would own a pair of hiking boots or visit Loch Ness. Or develop a mom style.
Sunset from some place I forgot the name of. My iphone oddly geotagged this in Norway. The hike down was the worst (it usually is, I’ve discovered) because everything was muddy. I’m also not a nature person to begin with.
I woke up at 6:30am to take this photo and was out the door by 6:50am. The sun didn’t rise until 7:40am. It was about 35 F degrees (2 C).
Our tour group was MASSIVE (150 people). This is what our group looked like when we descended on our destinations.


Last weekend, I met up with my childhood friend in Copenhagen. It was raining for the majority of it but we still did quite a bit of sightseeing.

Everything about Copenhagen is aesthetically pleasing. Even the airport terminals.
We had a bit of time before checking into our accommodations so naturally, we decided to find a place to eat. We went to a nearby Italian cafe, Mad Cafeen, where our pasta dishes had Thai influences (think basil and lime flavors with fettuccine)!
Smorrebrod: open faced sandwich. AKA artwork on dark rye bread. Insanely delicious. It made me question the lack of effort I typically put into sandwiches.
There’s a parking garage under this playground!



Random thoughts:

  • Being abroad has made me appreciate the availability of free walking tours
  • Hygge. Fascinating concept (it’s basically that warm, fuzzy holiday feeling but ingrained into Danish culture). I’m going to adopt this lifestyle. A low-budget version, obviously.
  • Finally visited Calton Hill.
Super grey. Super wet.
  • So I’ve been climbing Arthur’s Seat several times per week to catch the sunset. Today, I found myself on a dicier path and caught the attention of a passerbyer who asked if I needed help. My pride urged me to decline the offer but I realized that I had no idea how to extract myself from my situation, so I asked what the quickest way down was. Turns out, there were stairs in front of me.
    Snuck a photo of this guy who brought a chair and a beer to watch the sunset. (it’s  common to see people drinking here at sunset)
    Where I hit a dead end, surrounded by 10 foot high structures.

    Looking out to the North Sea