Sunny, Monday 29th

Hello, glad to be blogging again. I am sorry it’s been a while since I wrote my last post here but my life as been quite busy with the learning week and deadlines always nearer.

I am writing from the main library cafè, incredibly I found a place to sit! The library is packed these days, you have to arrive at 5am if you want to find a free computer. I cannot remember if I have already told you about the uni library, anyway, the main library is located close to 50 George Square which is one of the Uni buildings. It has 6 floors and all of them full of books (of course) and computers that the uni provides you with to study or look up whatever you prefer. Most of the time I have seen people who were watching rugby matches rather than studying… fair enough! On the ground floor there is the “info point” where you can ask questions and top up your university card! Your university card is essential, without it you cannot get in the library or borrow any books! Be careful not to lose it!

Close to the library, there is a cafè where I am now! Full of tables and sofas where you can stay if you need a break from the quietness of the library! Sometimes, it’s too quiet ( that drives me crazy). They serve lunch here or dinner, it opens really early in the morning and closes before 6:00pm in the evening! Well, if you are from Italy like me, get used to having dinner early! Here, people eat at 6:00pm and to be fair once I had dinner at 5:00pm! That’s amazing! I don’t have time to digest before I have to eat again! My stomach will be shocked in few months when it will see food at 8:30pm (poor stomach)!

I cannot finish my post without talking about the weather which has been surprisingly amazing in the last few days! SUNNY! Surprise surprise, Edinburgh knows what having light means!

I hope you are having a good Monday 29th!