Post no. 2

It’s been a fantastic two weeks, although I’m recovering from a cold. I’m currently working on two assignments due on Monday, Feburary 22nd. One is a position paper for Children’s Rights and the other is a policy brief for Educational Politics and Policy. I signed up to be class reps for both of these (it’s essentially a TA position).

I spent last weekend working on these papers, but the weekend before that, I went on a trip hosted by accommodation services to Roslyn Chapel and Glencenkie Distillery. Our first stop was Glenkinchie Distillery for a tour and whiskey tasting from 11:45am-1:30pm.

Then, we traveled to Roslyn Chapel where we sat for a tour and grabbed an afternoon snack.

Taken before the tour.
Taken at sunset, 5 mins before we left.

This bit caught my eye before we left. Check out the caption:

Well that escalated quickly…

Last Saturday was the start of Chinese New Year festivities in Edinburgh. My friends and I attended the lion dance in Waverly Station, which resembles a cleaner, smaller version of Grand Central. Afterwards, we went to a dim sum place about a block away. We definitely weren’t prepared for the bill, which was about 3 times more than what we would have paid in New York, but it was worth it.

Random things:

  • Visited a cat cafe. Found out I was still allergic to them.
This cat is me at social events and family functions.
  • I’m taking a 6 week French crash course and I’m absolutely terrible at it. It seems as though I have a penchant for learning languages but stopping during or after the introductory level.
  • Joined Wine Society (Bless my obsession with Olivia Pope or I would have never appreciated wine as much as I do now)
Being naturally awkward at my first (Romanian!) wine tasting
  • Passed by St. Andrews Square on my way home to find this fantastic light installation, KEYFRAMES.
Stood in the rain for 10 minutes to get this shot. Pretty sure that’s the reason I’m sick now.