Books about Burgess Hill and not only

Hi, it’s been a while since I wrote a post here. Happy 2016, the first term is behind me and the new one is nearly here. After five cheerful days in Burgess Hill hosted by my wee egg Ellie, I have all the energy to start this new semester in the best way possible.  My flight landed yesterday at 2:30pm but I hardly realised the moment because we were surrounded by whitish-gray clouds, and the sky was smokey – it was well and truly raining. Welcome back to the Scottish weather. You have to get used to this weather change as soon as possible. I give you a tiny tip, don’t buy any umbrellas. They are useless and a waste of money, instead a good purchase is a fluffy coat with a cosy hood. ( I bought mine one month ago, and it is one of the best purchases I have ever made).  If you want to buy something nice, but not really expensive, with a view to achieving value for money, “Primark” is always a good option. “John Lewis” is another alternative, but get ready to spend a tiny bit more. Of course, they cannot be compared, but they are both great stores to have a look in!

Buying new books nearly every day has become a routine in these months, but as you will notice the amount is massive and they are not very cheap. it doesn’t matter which courses you are taking they will always ask you to buy new stuff. Buying new books or well, finding shops to buy them is not as frustrating as it would appear. Edinburgh has plenty of second hand book shops, and please don’t be fussy, they are amazing and the books they sell are usually in great condition. My favourite is in the Grassmarket and, ladies and gentlemen, it is called… “Edinburgh Book”! Yes, I know, a sillier name it cannot have. To follow: two black and white photos of it.

Cows everywhere!
Cosy chairs to sit on and browse through many books.

It’s divided in two floors, and you can reach the second one thanks to stairs. Before paying don’t forget to have a look at the thousand of post cards they sell, which have different themes such as “Alice in Wonderland”, and remember that being a student you have a 10% discount on all the purchases.

In the same street there are others shops like this, that should be the largest in Edinburgh, called “Armchair book” (Photos below):



I hope that all of you have spent a wonderful and jolly Christmas/Hogmanay with the people you love most.

See you later,

Lots of love,