One Semester down, one more to go

Helloooo! Its been over a month since I have posted here, so I’d like to quickly apologise for that and get to the good bit! Semester one is behind me and semester two is quickly approaching. Looking back, I can’t help but smile at what a delightful time I had. One thing I have begun to do at parties since Im home over the winter break is repeatedly go around to friends and acquaintances urging them to take a year abroad for Uni. Admittedly I am usually a few drinks in so my advice to others is rather sloppy and comical HOWEVER, it just goes to show how impressed I am with my erasmus experience, which is thankfully not over yet!

So I see a few of my fellow bloggers are writing lists with some random points outlining their time in Edinburgh, so I’m going to do the same..!

  • Hopefully not too bleak to start with but: ambulances. If you don’t hear/see one at least once a day then your not in Edinburgh. Maybe this is usual for cities (I have never actually lived in a city, only suburb), but it is something I have noticed!
  • The weather, it is cold, it is grey, it is wet and windy. I want to say I’m used to this as growing up in Ireland offers the same climate but even still, I get a shock when I step outside and am blown away. More interestingly, the lack of daylight. Again, I am from Dublin, it gets dark pretty early in winter, around 16:30. But it Edinburgh, it is pitch black by 16:00. It was my brother who always pointed this out to me, saying he missed Dublin only for those extra few minutes of daylight. It just goes to show how further north we are in Edinburgh. On a trip to Kerry (south of Ireland) over the winter break I experienced it becoming dark only at 17:00 or so. Safe to say I am not getting much vitamin D. Ok rant over..
  • Friends. I do not have any Irish friends here, which is weird having only had (mostly) Irish friends up until now. I won’t lie, we have a particular humour which of course since I’m biased think is incredibly funny and witty. But let me be the first to say what a pleasure it has been to accustom myself with some of my friends humour. Of course there are similarities which are great, but I love that moment when I laugh at something bizarre my friends have said that strike me as very funny material. I must give a shout out to my Chinese friend Karen who makes me laugh constantly when I am around her. She is one gem among many others I have met in Edinburgh. And if its not laughs I am sharing with friends, it is inspiring conversations, interesting and different point of views and then all the shared experiences and adventures. Seriously guys, erasmus can be anything you want it to be, but its the people you meet and share it with that will impact you greatly and make you beyond the happiness you thought you could reach.
  •  Fun fact: some people are rude. But not just like hey they didn’t hold the door for me, more like oh someone just keyed my car and left me a very aggressive note on my car bonnet. Yep that actually happened. I had parked my car outside my brothers house near Uni so he could collect my parents from the airport as they were visiting one weekend. But one of the residents really didn’t like that and decided to key both sides of my car. Makes for a funny story looking back, but I cannot forget the rage I had when I found it out.
  • Nightlife y’all, its pretty sweet. Firstly, when you live in the city (or close enough), there is no excuse not to go out for a few scoops. There are plenty of bars which has really shaped my nightlife into many nights of casual drinks and then either the option of dancing the early hours of the morning away at clubs or happily retiring but not before grabbing a good ole bag of chips from the nearest chipper. And if your not into the drinking scene, the Christmas lights and markets in Edinburgh are like nothing you’ll have seen before (in Europe.. I’m sure Americans can go pretty hard too).
  • Exam season.. In all honesty it can be a time you feel a bit down. The workload can seem unbearable to get through and you might feel as though you don’t even have enough time to run out and grab a red bull, never mind prepare a meal. But last semester I tried to be more lenient with my time and as well as studying a whole lot, I allowed time to see my friends, chat on the phone and even have a drink to take the edge off.
  • “Whats your chat?” Not going to lie, only picked up this phrase recently from a match on tinder.. Get out there and learn more Scottish phrases while you can!
  • Goodbyes. As one of my closest friends in Edinburgh said to me “count your blessings we are only losing one”. It was hard saying goodbye to a close friend, tears were shed at 4:00am after a night out and we dispatched from a dear friend, while a random bus waiting chap commented on our embrace. I don’t doubt I will see my friend again though, so at least it was only goodbye until next time.

Semester one was a dream, with many experiences unfortunately not listed here. After being home a while it is exciting but a little scary to go back for various reasons including the fact that I will miss my family and friends here but also the fear that this is the last semester for me in Edinburgh for now. I have so much to look forward to, with finally some plans to travel Scotland and even visit other friends on erasmus around Europe. Although my bed it stiff and my room is a shoebox, I’m looking forward to be back in Edinburgh, you just can’t beat it.

This is the view from my window, its alright.
When my parents came to visit my brother and I!
Christmas market
Surprised my brother on his birthday with a hand made card and other treats!
Karens first night out partying with the big girls
study sesh
Study group pic with some special ladies
Karen gets excited for Christmas