Singin’ in the Rain!

Good morning everybody, I am writing from a room in 50 George Square where I am trying to study but clearly it doesn’t work. I am here with Natasha who is working so hard on her readings and notes, I should do the same but…. well, I cannot find a plausable excuse to tell you. I am just out of charge although I rested a lot yesterday night!

Yesterday evening was my turn to cook in my flat, and with help, I made “Macaroni and Cheese” which I found out to be one of the “Christmas dish” in Canada.  It is cheesy, tasty and crunchy ( I put it in the oven for 15 minutes before serving it to my flatmates and one more guest (the lovely Niamh) who liked it. It is not a hard recipe and it takes just a few minutes! Not being a really great cook that is the perfect recipe. Please, don’t tell me that you thought I was amazing at cooking just because I am italian! I am so sorry to wreck your dreams but… not really! I am italian, I love coffee but the cooker and me are not strictly linked! Anyway, I enjoy cooking especially if I am surrounded by special people and good music (Christmas music is always the right way to make me happy).

Stop talking about what makes me happy, and move on to our tiny but wonderful Christmas tree that we decorated with candles, lights and two cute Christmas decorations by Ireland. We also have a Christmasy table-cover with reindeers, snowmen and Santa Claus on it! I cannot deny that it was different than being in my living room with my parents who “quarrel” with each other to decide what baubles are nicer on the tree, but great anyway. My flatmates made that moment special! Our kitchen now is like Santa Land, only Christmas elves are missing!

It is really windy, not really news for being in Edinburgh! You have to be aware of this city’s weather; walking to a lecture wearing damp denim may be pretty dreadful, but arriving with a droplet teetering on the tip of your nose could be enough to make you question why you moved to Scotland and not to Spain. In my opinion this is the best weather ever, but I can see that not all of you will have the same point of view. Perhaps it’s time to help you find a few ways to enjoy it!

  • Go out for a walk.

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a relaxing walk. Throw on some wellies and, open your umbrella (or go without, Gene Kelly’s style) and start walking, you may discover how beautiful this city is under the rain.

  • Stay in!

There is nothing more enjoyable than having a cosy day, all curled up in bed with Christmas movies and a cup of coffee (or tea if you prefer)! Ask some friends to join you, the more the merrier!

  • Enjoy the city!

There are lots of places you have not popped in yet! It is the perfect excuse. Arrange to do indoor activities. Meet your friends and take a trip to the Scottish National Museum, the Scottish National Portrait Gallery or spend few hours at the cinema (by the way, today at 9:00pm at the Cameo’s cinema “ELF” plays…  tears of joy). Remember: even though it is chucking buckets outside this does not mean you cannot have a great time.

Hope you are all having a magical and joyful day!

Lots of love,