It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Happy 6th of December everybody! Christmas is coming and my parents as well, and I cannot wait for both of them. I love Christmas time, it is my favourite! Every single day has to be full of joy, you cannot be sad, even though your life is putting aside because of the endless essays due to next week. You keep repeating to yourself “don’t be lame, it’s almost Christmas and it means smiles, puddings, mince pies, Christmas carousels + Micheal Bublé ( please don’t judge!) , fairy lights and many others jolly things which will make your days. Moreover, you are in Edinburgh! What could you ask more?!

The Christmas markets will last until January! You have lots of time to appreciate them how it should be. Even if, as I have just said, thousands of works are making my life right now, I couldn’t already forgo going there. Before turning to how much happy I was, It’s better if I show you a photo of them.



Aren’t they the cutest Christmas markets have you ever seen in your life?!  Lots of International Food markets ( being Italian of course it’s the first thing I have noticed… italian stereotype), a massive ferris wheel close to the Scott Monument, and the Santa Land with a labyrinth for the youngest. ( I did not go there because first of all, well, I am 21, second cause it made me too scared,  a quick funny/ not funny story for you, I got lost last year in a huge labyrinth and I started screaming not being able to find the exit and you cannot imagine how much  I was embarassed.) Anyway, moving on, I got a Belgian Waffle which was really good ( I shared it with a dear friend cause it was huge – we got the classic one, but there were lots of flavours to choose from) and after that I had one of the happiest moment: Ice-skating! I loved it. I am not an expert, but I enjoy ice-skating more than many other things, and… I did not fall off any times…. an important event cause I am the clumsy queen. (so proud of myself!) I could smell the Christmas atmosphere! After that, We had a walk and we enjoyed our last moments there, it was really freezing. I would love to go there another time, but in 2 months I am sure I will find a moment!

It is really windy today, from my room you can hear weird noises ouside. This afteroon with two of my flatmates, we baked biscuits with cinnamon and brown sugar…. yummy yummy! I love these moments! Tomorrow, our Christmas Tree should be delivered…. I cannot wait! I am so excited to decorate it with the Christmas songs in the background! This year I’ve done for the first time the so-called “Secret Santa” with my lovely flatmates, probably all of you knows what I am talking about, so I can avoid to explain what it is. Anyway, I have not bought all the presents yet but I will do soon or later. (Hopefully sooner than later). I love buying presents more than receiving them!

I am realising day after day how many nice people I have met in these months, who unfortunately are leaving too soon. I am one of those people  who grows fond of people really quickly, and because of that I’ll be so sad when they leave, but I am sure that we will do our best to keep in touch. Good memories cannot disappear!

It’s 7:00pm here and it is almost time to have dinner in my flat. We’ll have pizza from Sainsbury’s tonight! All of us are jingling thanks to Angie and her jingles in our hair…. CHRISTMAS!

Hope all of you are having a nice evening, full of laughs and beloved people around!