So much exploring. So little time. Apart from exploring Edinburgh (which continues to amaze me and I have hardly left Old-Town) the last two months have been full of adventures. They have also been full of schoolwork and paper-writing but that quest for knowledge is life-giving as well (although in a want-to-throw-a-book-repeatedly-against-a-wall-and-cry sort of way). But who’s to say that’s not feeling alive.

I have now seen some of the Highlands, Glasgow, Cumbria, Manchester and Amsterdam. And they all have their specific beauties.

The Highlands: The Sublime

Dunrobin Castle
The Garden, where a falconry show took place
Because you haven’t seen the Highlands until you’ve seen a sheep herding display





The awe-inspiring Loch Ness

The oddly alive city of Inverness yielded a chai cocktail…
That’s me tormenting a puppy.
Fort Augustus
Someday I will climb you and find refuge from the shade
Glencoe, the definition of underrated sublime. Any picture here does not capture any piece of its magnificence, but purposes to remind the onlooker of the feeling.


Family Visit near Cumbria: The Comfortable

Pendragon Ruin
a newer castle
Kennedy’s Chocolate Factory’s masterpiece
My particular family stay was full of soup, alpacas, and other comfort. Due to the generosity and kind nature of my host family, I had a lovely time and learned a lot about the little things. While I would not have chosen to go to a small neighborhood Ceildh and awkwardly try to square dance like a Scottish person on a Friday, that was one of my favorite experiences.

Glasgow: The Darkly Colorful


My favorite
Edinburgh lacks street art, Glasgow does not.

Glasgow Cathedral
The view from Necropolis
An afternoon is not nearly enough time to get to know Glasgow, so I shall be back with further conversations.

Amsterdam: The Surreal


Bikes, Boats and Bridges
I did not capture much of Amsterdam with my camera, as I will be back in a few weeks. Neither the landscape or the buildings signify the surrealism of Amsterdam, but it is there, in everything, a beauty untapped yet exploding out of the culture. An Epicureans dream, Amsterdam is delicious in such a way that the joy and pleasure never end.

The travel I have done does excite me for more, but it also makes me appreciate my weekends and time at Edinburgh to a greater extent. I have also learned that it really does make a difference who you travel with, pick a friend or group that you are very comfortable with or simply go solo. Freedom is necessary for joy and impression. Friendship serves to complement this, but bonding with the new place and culture should come first.