Is this real life?

Hello friends,

Me again.  So, I am currently sitting in a cute little coffee shop eating a bagel with avocado and Vegemite (so good) and planning my excursions for next weekend’s trip to Copenhagen.  What has become of my life? I sometimes forget how crazy this whole thing is.  I just happened to glance out a window today in my corridor and the site of Arthur’s Seat just a few hundred meters away took me aback.  It’s easy to get caught up in schoolwork and socializing and forget how amazing this whole experience is.  Last night I booked a trip to Malta, and then Rome, and then inter railing around Europe to then meet up with friends in Amsterdam.  I don’t mean for this entire blog to be a giant brag.  But seriously, my life is pretty cool right now.  I have a solid group of friends here now, and the thought of leaving makes me extremely sad.  So we’re not going to do that right now.

I dedicated the month of October to exploring the immediate areas around me.  I went to Aberdeen/Dunnottar Castle, St. Andrews, Alnwick Castle/Newcastle, and Inverness/Loch Ness.  They were all day trips, and it still makes me laugh how I went to a different country and back in a day.  I saw so many castles, it’s ridiculous. My favorite place for sure was Alnwick Castle AKA  the castle in the first two Harry Potter films.  That wasn’t even my favorite part, though.  I met some girls along the way and we all decided to be cheap and not pay ten pounds for a tour of a garden.  Instead, we stumbled upon this treehouse, and it was one of the coolest things I’ve seen.  It was in the woods (obvi) and the bridge leading up to it was lit up with Christmas lights.  There were two swinging foot bridges, and the most fun I had was jumping up and down on them with the girls I met.  We probably looked like fools, but that’s irrelevant.  It was beautiful and playful and joyous.  I really need more adjectives because the coach back was also beautiful with the sun setting behind the English fields.  Life was good that day, and I sound super sappy.

This month and next I’m travelling to the rest of Europe.  I have trips planned to Copenhagen, Cork, London, Oslo then Tromso, Malta, Rome, and who knows after that.  I need to remember to stop and look around more often.  Never would I have imagined myself here, doing these things, at this time last year.  It’s crazy how things work out, huh?

Edinburgh is pretty sometimes
Edinburgh is pretty sometimes
Me sitting on a castle.. nbd
Me sitting on a castle.. nbd
Harry Potter castle
Bridge fun
Scotch whisky tasting. I hate whisky.
Edinburgh sunrise
The view from my runs. Nbd.
High tea
Tree house in the woods
Newcastle. The land of bridges


TL;DR Things are cool.