Friday, 6 November.

Good morning everybody! it is 7am here in Edinburgh and the kitchen is a little bit chilly. The weather is changing and the winter is coming (extra happy dances). I am sitting on one of the sofas that our kitchen is provided with, waiting for my morning companion (today is a special day cause there will be three of us). I am over starving! my yogurt with cereals is waiting for me, and incredibly I will drink black tea instead of coffee. I know what you are thinking… “you are turning into an English woman who is in love with tea”… but no, not exactly. I cannot deny that I love tea more than when I left Italy but I don’t think I could become a tea addict.

Yesterday night after having spent many hours with my favorite people on Calton Hill admiring the fireworks due to “The Bonfire night”, I came back home but before that Ellie has got the incredible idea to stop in Lidl and to buy some sweets for a cosy night. We bought marshmallow, that are not mushrooms ( I ALWAYS switch the two words) and two packs of Digestives (a must). In Italy shops sell just one flavor of that yummy brend of biscuits while here supermarkets’ aisles are completely bombarded of thousands and thousands flavors, from caramel (my favorite) to dark chocolate. It seems to be in heaven. After having eaten 6 biscuits and lots of marshmallow… I desparately asked to my flatmates to stop me from eating sweets over the next days (basically I am getting fat!)

I started this post this morning and I’m keeping on with it now. Hopefully it is not a problem for you. I am just so busy with all my lectures and I’m trying to balance those, with my essays and my life. That is not less important than the other points. I spent the whole morning in the main libarty, looking up fancy places to advise to a group of Chinese people who I met this afterrnoon ( I’ll explain you later), at 12am I had my first seminar of the day ( cause the other one was cancelled – happy dance again). If any of you will attend the “Introduction to European Theatre” lecture, be ready to read plays for one day to an other and reply to any questions will be ask to you on class. Nobody cares if you are still asleep. “English Literature 2” was so interesting, the aim of the lesson was to comunicate the importante of the “Felicia Hemmas” a female writer of the 19 century. It is very unsual listening different teachers every week or every two seminars, in italy that doen’t happen. Even though the the name of the teachers are scheduled it is a suprise every time.

By the way, this has been an unique day… why? I haven’t studied all day long. I always study in afternoons for almost 4 hours straight ( I am not a nerdy person… stop laughing). I spent half of my afteroon guiding some new Chinese students around the city (oh well, around the building of the University of Edinburgh. It was an activity organized by my course of Academic Writing to allow new students to getting into the students’ lives quickly. Ellie came with me 🙂 I glad she accepted to come. After that, we went to Primark for buying some running stuff. Tomorrow morining I’ll have my first joggin session with her who is going to be my personl trainer ahaha ( not really) we will have so much fun. With new pink running shoes, how could we not?!

Thanks for reading!

Stay happy 🙂