Frederick’s, oh Frederick’s…


Last time, I promised I would come up with some useful pieces of information about Auld Reekie. I know, quite some time has passed since my introductory post (my more than feeble excuse: once in Edinburgh, social media usually drops dramatically on the what-I-really-gotta-do-tonight-list), but at least I’ve got something to say. Well, here we go.

To all of you who still find themselves in the tricky position of deciding where to go on exchange. I’ve got your answer here, ready for you. Look.

You shoul
You ought to go to a place where you can see this.
Or this.

Guess where these shots were taken. Precisely. To be even more precise: the first one (the shrewd amongst you might have spotted the reflections in an instant) on the bus passing North Bridge. The second one (the even more shrewd amongst you might have spotted the Scott Monument in there) originated on Princes Street.

What they’ve got in common? A random evening and sunset in Edinburgh. Were they taken on the same day? No. Promise.

And now (what you’ve all been craving for), it’s about time for some real info – this time I mean it – about Edinburgh academia.

First, you must know that I’m from Germany. Why? Because German semesters at uni tend to be as follows:

  • Sleep.
  • Drink. (+ eat, if applicable)
  • Sleep.
  • Sleep.
  • “Gosh, exam period coming up again?!”. (two months have passed at this point)
  • Study.
  • Write exams.
  • Holidays (plus term papers). (for about two and a half months)
  • Same thing happening again.

Straight away: this is not happening here in Edinburgh. You’ve got quite a few deadlines within the semester, be it essays, smaller written assignments, orals, etc.

To be honest, it appears to me that you get more out of it in the end. And, what’s more, your weekly schedule is really different from our system back in Heidelberg.

Most of the lectures only last for about 50 minutes, which I’d dare calling a sheer bliss – if you compare it to our 90-minutes-lectures, in which you usually fade into a state of mental deadness after about 45-50 minutes. What an odd coincidence. Your only task for the remaining half of the lecture? Longing for it to end. Fast. Please.

(And in the special case of our politics lecture hall in Heidelberg: what you do after each lecture is desperately trying to cure your backache – wooden ‘chairs’ and metal ‘backrests’. Thanks for that.)

What you do after each lecture in Edinburgh instead? Most probably getting out of one of those well-cushioned, they’re-even-more-comfy-than-they-look chairs and say something like “Yeah, nice. Let’s do it again on Thursday!”

Be your own CEO. With your own executive chair. At Edinburgh Uni.

Finally, to all of you who made it to Edinburgh already. I’ve got something for you too. Here you are.

Large hot chocolate and double chocolate fudge cake. Again, from left to right.

My pleasure.

Would you like to make it your pleasure as well? No worries then. Go to Frederick Street, stand in front of the local co-op branch. Turn right and look for a turquoise sign – it’s your ticket into a world of almost infinite indulgence (see evidence above).

A quick, though outstandingly important remark on my personal integrity: I am not listed on the responsible coffee house’s payroll (even though it’s a shame, I think). In this (admittedly highly unlikely) case, I would have certainly mentioned its name at least once, if not twice. Minimum.

And next time, I shall be concerned with where to eat a proper German currywurst (or at least something that comes close to it – at least as close as it gets in the UK. No offence!).

Stay tuned.

خدا حافظ