Just Say Yes

I’m too tired of being a human and having human responsabilities and having to get up this early to carry on my essay. “I’d reather be a mermaid” they have no worries and get to swim around and look pretty all day. But, living in a city as pretty as Edinburgh is, it’s not so bad waking up in the morning ( 7am – morning girl power), having a cup of fruit tea and typing curled up in my bed.

Today I’m gonna do a slighty different post than you are probably used to. It sounds like I have a scary-alter ego, at night I turn into a wolf or a vampire or something really weird but it’s not of that nature although that would be really cool. It’s kind of personal post. Many of you could feel reflected in what I’m going to write while other could just think how silly I’m appearing. “Eramus events” had been playing on my mind for months before I even started those. I have never been a kind of “party girl”. I really enjoy spending time with my family, watching a movie or just talking in front a steaming mug of hot bitter coffee. Due to that my mind was complete messy, and I can’t deny that I was really worried. But, I have started to take a completly different outlook on my life for the last three weeks. that sounds really dramatic, I don’t mean in a very dramatic way, I just mean that I  became a very unisolated person. I have just stopped to get stuck in this no mood. It’s like you don’t want to do or experience anything. To get to the point, I thought “I cannot continue to be like this”; it’s draining to be so down about things, you don’t do things that make you happy anymore. And that’s all I was just like ” I continue feeling this way and not noticing anything getting batter or I can start to say yes to things and see well they take me”; to push myself to do more things. This is the whole core of my little Sunday post … just say “Yes”. The Erasmus happens just once in your life. In the last few weeks I went to several events, joined the Art Society, and danced with my flatmates (although I’m not a really good dancer). I haven’t turned myself into a different person, I always enjoy baking biscuits listening to old music, but I just learning  to say yes to things more often.

Here below some jolly activites I did in the last two days:

“Love Crumbs” is a cosy cafe, suitable to choose between an array of cakes, which one is your favourite of the day; drinking coffee and talking with your friends surrounded by vintage furnitures and old music in the background.

12144926_10205880660111258_3555275160946639775_nLove Crumbs


The 16th of October “The Skinny”, a Scottish magazine, turned 10 years and a huge party has organized; that was at “The Mash House” – “The beating heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town. There were live music, DJs and more… Three floors with different music each one. I got a strawberry “Koppaberg” (Ellie’s favourite one – she adviced me that) which I liked but somehow too sweet!

12115548_1054977561179750_1503521548924142773_nDon’t forget to listen some songs of the “Stillhound” a really great bad who played that night!

Have a nice and relaxing Sunday!

Martina L.

P.S: Thanks Ellie to have taught me new expressions to use 😉