Three weeks in..

Hiya! Y’alright? (I just made up the spelling, but anyway that’s the most common greeting you’ll hear here in Scotland)

So I’ve been in my new home town for a little more than three weeks now. Disclaimer: this post is once again going to be 100% positive and not because I’m trying to put on a brave face, but because my life actually is so so so good at the moment. And after all, I promised to be honest with you guys. All the way. So if you’re looking to find out some of the bad sides of living in Edinburgh, I’m not your girl. At least not in this post. Because I honestly can’t name any..

Three weeks is a long time and A LOT has happened. But at the same time it has flown by so fast (which is kind of scary!). I’ll try to do a quick recap of my adventures. So far I have:

*familiarised myself with Edinburgh by walking around as much as possible (and also by getting lost). I’m happy that I barely have to use Google Maps anymore and that when someone says the name of a street or an area, about 60% of the times I can imagine where it is. The city still amazes me (I’m sure that will never change) and I still can’t help but smile every single time I cross North Bridge (my favourite spot in Edi).

*visited Lake District and Glasgow with my friends. While the views, mountains and hiking trails in Lake District (located in the North-West of England) left me breathless, Glasgow unfortunately didn’t make a strong impression. I know that it’s supposed to be more “real, gritty and post-industrial” than the “gentle and snooty” Edinburgh but the moment of comparison was just too real. Since it’s only an hour drive, I’m sure I’ll go there again and maybe next time I’ll try to blend in more with the city’s cool and alternative vibe by visiting an underground club or an art exhibition. Until then I’ll enjoy the safe and comforting cobblestone streets of Edinburgh!

*had drinks with the British Ambassador in Estonia who happened to be in Edinburgh for a few days. The whole story is way too long and weird to post but I can tell you that he is an awesome and very down-to-earth guy. I had a great time!

*learned to enjoy the ever so Scottish pub culture! Coming here, I was a bit worried, since I think of myself as more of a club person but there’s something about drinking a pint and actually being able to have a normal conversation with my friends. Oh but, fellow club people, don’t worry! There’s plenty of good clubs here as well. I think I’m going to do a separate post about the nightlife here somewhere in the future for you guys, just because I think it’s such an important part of the whole experience. Especially for young people like us. Stay tuned!

*started schooool!!! Yes, that has been happening for the past two weeks now. The courses I chose are all super interesting and thankfully all my lecturers are either American or English (nothing against the Scots but I still find it quite challenging to understand the local accent and lingo). I handled my timetable in a way that I can have Mondays and Fridays off, yippii! It makes it so much easier to organise weekend trips + I find that for me the “three hardcore days of complete study mode” system works better. I’m more focused and determined to complete all my assignments. But – to each their own!
The main difference in the school system between Estonia and Edinburgh is the fact that there are way less contact hours here. It’s still a little weird to me that a lecture here is only 50 minutes. In Estonia, it’s an hour and a half and usually we have double lectures, so a three-hour lecture is totally normal. Also – all the tutorials and seminars are new to me! For every course, you usually have two 50-minute lectures + one 50-minute tutorial/seminar per week. A tutorial is held in a small classroom with about 5-10 other students and your tutor and it’s a place to discuss your readings, ask questions and present ideas. As a non-native English speaker, it can be challenging to verbalise your ideas, but I’m getting there. Overall, school is really interesting and I truly enjoy every minute of it!

*of course made many many more friends from all around the world and come to an understanding that some of the people I’ve met here are going to be veeeery hard to say goodbye to. (But we’re not thinking about that quite yet, right?)

Guess that’s it for now. I just truly want to emphasise the fact how lucky I am to be here in Edinburgh! Every single aspect of my life here (my accommodation, school, the city, the social life, my group of friends…) is so so good and I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time. As always, I’ll leave you guys with some pictures.

Until next time,

The amazing Lake District
My Dutch soulmate Ilona
In the lovely town of Keswick in England

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Old College
The view from North Bridge (my favourite place) at night
The Estonian-Dutch-Italian power trio
In a bar somewhere on Hanover St. Hey, if that was my bar, I would be proud too!