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Mandatory Arthur’s Seat photo

IMG_9981So, I’ve made it.  I can’t believe I have been here for three weeks now. The first week was just a flurry of faces, places, and names that I tried my best to remember.  Update: I have found and approved of the peanut here (although finding tortilla chips has been a different story.)  Also, I read somewhere that avocados would be hard to come by here, but I have eaten avocados all the time.  Obviously, I was very misinformed.

Any who, adjusting to Scotland/big city living has been a bit tougher than I thought.  Don’t get me wrong, I have made loads of friends and the city is unbelievably gorgeous.  Yet, I still find myself feeling homesick at times.  It’s a funny thing though because a walk up Arthur’s Seat or down the Royal Mile takes it all away. This morning, I had a class in King’s Buildings, which are a two mile walk away.  Seriously, TWO MILES for a 50 minute class.  Despite my bitterness, it was a great walk.  That part of the city is very residential, and it was nice to be away from the inner city madness for a bit.  And who doesn’t love looking at cute little houses?


I suppose I should take a second to discuss the culture shock, though there hasn’t been anything too crazy. There are just a few little things that you don’t think of.  For example, telling someone from the UK about your really cool pink pants isn’t really appropriate (pants can be slang for underwear or boxers).  So that was awkward..  I have gotten used to looking right, left, right when crossing the road.  More importantly, I have learned that pedestrians DO NOT have the right of way (learned that the hard way). Also, anybody who knows me knows that my blood is about 50% coffee.  If I don’t have a cup of coffee, I will get physically ill.  It’s sad, I know.  But here, I have been drinking mostly tea, AND I LIKE IT.  Classes are your standard big lectures.  The professors (lecturers) are all very interesting though, I’ve only fallen asleep once. The work load isn’t too crazy, which is nice.  I’ve been managing my library time so I can still go out and explore the city. I am currently in the library procrastinating per usual.  The work will get done though, I promise.  Starting now.

‘Til next time..

Friends sitting under the castle overlooking Grassmarket

TL;DR Edinburgh is cool.


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    Sounds wonderful! I wish I could visit!

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