It hit me. But it’s worth it.

Apologies for setting up my blog late. I’ve been ill.

Freshers’ Flu is the name commonly given to a battery of illnesses contracted by as many as 90% of new students during the first few weeks at a university, in some form; common symptoms include fever, sore throat, severe headache, coughing and general discomfort. The illnesses may or may not include actual flu, and is often simply a bad cold, but is so named simply due to alliteration. This is mostly a British term, and is rarely heard outside the UK and Ireland.

That’s what Wikipedia says. And it’s right. Even though I’ve just caught a bad cold (I’m well again, thank you), I feel like I’ve been treated in an extraordinarily unfair manner. Why? Because I didn’t drink too much, I didn’t spend a lot of nights out or anything (honestly!) – but I was still hit. And most importantly, I’m not even a fresher. I’m an ERASMUS-Student from Heidelberg, Germany. See? It’s unfair.

(Watch it! I can see your stop-complaining-or-I’ll-stop-reading-face.)

And here it comes: It was worth it. 

My piece of advice for today:

If you get the chance to study in Edinburgh, don’t you dare let it slip. Never. That’s an absolute no-no.

Why was it worth it and why would you not let this chance slip? Just scroll down a bit. Have a look at my fellow bloggers’ photos. Read their stories. Take notice of their home countries. I’m pretty sure you’ll quickly get a sense of what Edinburgh is like.

And in case you’re tied up with business at the moment (I really don’t want to use the ugly English term ‘lazy’), I’ll provide a rough list of what I understand by ‘it was worth it’:

Edinburgh is…

  • international (Edinburgh Uni has got about 40 per cent international students).
  • multicultural.
  • open-minded (‘refugees welcome’-banners: I saw them – and it was so much to my genuine delight that I forgot to take a photo).
  • compact (you can basically walk around the whole inner city in ca. 20 minutes).
  • packed with original coffee houses, book shops, live music pubs and bars.
  • second to none in terms of nightlife.
  • safe (it’s ranked the safest city in the UK – go tell your mum, it’s true!).
  • green (Princes Street Gardens, Royal Botanic Garden, The Meadows, you name it).
  • well-connected (both within the city and with the rest of Scotland).

And to make up for the lack of refugees-welcome-banners-photos, I’ll just upload the 274th picture taken on top of Arthur’s Seat.

Here we go.
My girlfriend and I. From left to right.

That’s it. I’m done for now. Back to Persian 1a.  خدا حافظ

Okay, one last thing: I’ll add more information next time. Promise.