I have missed the biginning…

2nd rule: DON’T GIVE UP (NEVER)! I arrived in Edinburgh on the 11 September (great day to fly), today it’s the 17 September and I have already cried twice. Don’t misunderstand me… I literaly LOVE Edinburgh and all the people who I’ve met until now but the language is sometimes really difficult to understand, they talk so quickly and you haven’t got time to think and reply appropriately to their questions. It seems that you are a baby who deals with the English language for the first time and it makes you really nervous and scared  cause  you are afraid of not learning the language how you’ve always dreamt. It may be a stupid topic to think about, but for an exchange student too stupid is not.Time will handle it… we have to be just patient!

Sorry for this brief reflection, but be and exchange student involve things like these.

Anyway, today I’m going to talk to you about my first trip outside Edinburgh, organized by the “International Student Centre” ( here the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/iscedi?fref=ts). Have you ever watched the film: “William and Kate: The Movie”? if the answer is YES, you have already undrestood where I spent the whole day yestardy while if the answer is no, well, you can follow reading this post or switch off the laptop and run to the nearer “Blockbuster”.

Madame et Monsieur  Welcome to St Andrews! (happy dance).

I took the bus around 9:00 and after half and hour I arrived at destination. St Andrews is near the beach and visiting the picturesque ruins of the city’s castle you can hear the waves’ sounds (so romantic). If your knowleadge about the history of the castle and what sorrounds that is a little bit lacking, don’t worry there is a brief video (and not only) which will show you that.

A breath taking view is the St Andrews Cathedral.

The remains of what was Scotland’s largest church. Its museum houses a collection of early and later medieval sculpture and other relics found on the site.

One of my flatmates says that there are pirates graves in the walls…. look for the skull and the bones!

The city is really awsome but… you will be the judges! Here some photos 🙂

. St Andrews





The last picture is not St Andews, how you can see, but it’s Edinburgh at 8:00 when I came back to my flat!

Hope you have an amazing day!

See you soon 🙂

Martina L.