Goodbye America

Now that summer is over, I have finally settled back into living at school. This time is different though. I did not head back to the University of Connecticut where there is farmland all around campus and anyone can go visit the horses and the cows we have on campus. This time, I am settled in Edinburgh where I’m living in a completely different environment than I am used to. Having only gone away to school 45 minutes away from my home, this is going to be my first time really living far away from home and in a completely different environment. No longer will I have the ability to go home for the day or weekend whenever I want. In Edinburgh, I will be on my own, where I don’t know anyone. It will also be the first time I really have to cook for myself, which in my case will be another adventure in itself since I have never had to cook for myself.

Being on my own and undertaking this new adventure by myself initially sounds overwhelming, but then I think back to my sixth grade class journal, which resurfaced a few months ago. In this journal I wrote an entry about how it was my goal to spend time going to school in a foreign country while I was in college. Nine years later, and I am proud to say that I am accomplishing this goal I set for myself so long ago.

Since school in Edinburgh doesn’t start until later than most schools in the United States, I decided to make use of my time by booking trips to Iceland and England before I got to Scotland. A lot of my friends and family don’t understand why I wanted to take these two trips by myself before I get to Scotland, but traveling by myself is something I have always wanted to do. Traveling by myself was definitely a new experience as was staying in hostels, but it was definitely worth it to explore those two incredible countries. Over the course of my year in Edinburgh, I want do learn more about myself by finding new passions I might not have known I even have. I am excited to be more adventurous and discover what the world has to offer by exploring all the great opportunities Scotland and the rest of Europe have to offer me.

IMG_2519  Here is a picture from Iceland, which I would recommend everyone should go visit because it is so unique and unlike any other place I’ve ever been to.



  1. erikacavs says:

    Fellow blogger here, I noticed you’re from UConn. Me too! I didn’t know there were more of us studying here this year. Anyways, I’d love to have a chat sometime if you’re interested.

    1. jjtedone says:

      Hey I would definitely be up to chat sometime! Yeah too bad UConn doesn’t tell us who is going on exchange to the same school haha. Let me know if you want to chat sometime!

      — Jack

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