Once Upon a Time…

If you are thinking how is being in Scotland in the first two days well… It’s like living in a fairy tale! Bagpipe sounds, people who dress kilts and tea shops everywhere!


I moved to my accommodation… it’s so pretty! The flat is quite big, and I’m going to share it with other four girls, two of them come from England and one from Ireland! I love their accent!

Yesterday evening we had the first night out! it had been EXCITING! We spent the whole evening dancing and drinking beers (I don’t usually drink so much, so I drank just one! That’s enough!) in a special place! The event was organized by the EUSA (the association I told you in the previous post) but it belonged also to the “Freshers week” events! I have realised that I’m not a fresher cause I am attending the third university year, anyway, I think anyone can partecipate! The bands’ names are: “Model Aeroplanes” and  “Bwani”, they have been great! One of my flatmates told me that thay are local bands! I loved the members’ accents! (Yey… I’m quite obsessed with accents 🙂  )

At the end of the night we came back “home” and we played cards! it was funny even though I didn’t understand the game completely!

12007158_10203520464331932_1509604857_n It’s just the second day but I am lerning a lot from this city! At the end of the year my notebook will be full of rules for survive in Scotland!

The first one: LOOK AT THE LEFT SIDE of the street before crossing it!