Moving from Florence to Edinburgh

Mappa Europea_1st postHello there! I’m Martina, a 21 years girl and a legal adult trying to find my feet leaving across the walls of the Florence’s Cathedral, but for this year in Scotland (Edinburgh) like an Erasmus student! (I have been lived for two years in Florence following my passion which are languages. )

What do you study?

My official degree title is “Languages, Literatures and Intercultural Studies” but simply I am studying three languages: Swedish, Spanish and of course English with their literatures.

Anyway, let’s talk about the “FRESHERS WEEK“. Do you know what is it? Actually I don’t. Here, in Italy, we haven’t got anything like this, and I can’t deny that I’m delighted to discover something more.

I have done some researches, here what I had found about it:

  1. The biggest university week where there are thousands events
  2. An opportunity to meet new people and why not, make new friends
  3. An opportunity to your parents (if they are in GB) to meet other parents (unfortunartely, mine do not live there)
  4. A week where you can understand better their culture, going to the Scottish Dance Workshop or trying Scottish Yummies, for examples.
  5. And last but not least, to know more about your life at the University of Edinburgh.

Here, below some of the activities that EUSA offers ( <<EUSA are here to represent students. Their views, their voice, their University experience>>) :

  • Tandem Language Café
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Scottish Parliament Visit
  • Cinema Crawl
  • Whisky Tasting

if you want to know more about it I kindly advice you to look at the web site:, but I promise I’ll let you know all my impressions and of course where I am going to spend my time.

Stay tuned!

Martina L.