Goodbye My Love

As I prepare to embark on what will undoubtedly be one of the best adventures of my life, I cannot help but have a few fears. Despite the whole brand new country thing, not knowing anyone thing, and you’re completely on your own now kid, good luck thing, I would have to say my biggest fear is the lack of peanut butter overseas. I suppose I’ll get used to Nutella and jelly sandwiches? But it’s just not the same.

While I contemplate this and eat one of my last bananas with peanut butter this year, I have nothing but nervous excitement. I have recently read the best advice for studying abroad: don’t expect, accept. I think that’s even a great way to live. But as I sit here with this anticipation, I can’t help but create all of these fantastic possibilities. The school, the people, the city, the sights, everything. I want to see it all, I want to do it all, and I am impatient. Only a few weeks left before I leave, and I am chomping at the bit.

I suppose it’s a good thing that I have a few weeks left to prepare (even though it’s killing me inside). There is still a lot left to do- finalize my courses, say goodbye to friends, finish all of the shows that I’ve started on Netflix this summer. Don’t worry; I have my priorities in order. From all of the thorough research that I’ve done (mostly google street view), I can tell Edinburgh is quite the unique city. There’s a volcano in it, A VOLCANO. I’m almost positive my family is also counting down the days until I leave so they don’t have to hear me constantly calling out random facts about the city.


“Cool, Erika.”

The moral of the story is that so far preparations to attend the university are in order and going well. My excitement far outweighs my fears. Despite all I have been doing to get ready, it still seems surreal. I just cannot believe how lucky I am to attend one of the best universities in the world, in what I believe is one of the most beautiful cities. Let the adventure begin.



  1. You’ll have the most amazing time! I got back a month(ish) ago from Edinburgh and can’t wait to go back! Can’t wait to read about your adventures! 🙂

  2. Peanut butter is readily available in Edinburgh. I eat peanut butter and banana sandwiches almost every day!

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