Arthur’s Seat (Twice!), The Elephant House, and Other Miscellaneous Activities

So, to pick up where I left off in my last post, I’ll start this entry by telling you about my first hike up Arthur’s Seat, the dormant volcano that overlooks Edinburgh. Hiking it is a must for anyone who visits the city. My dad flew over with me to help me get settled and naturally wanted to get a good taste of Edinburgh before heading back to the Great White North. So, on Wednesday morning of my first week, I strapped on my Converse extremely professional hiking gear and we set off for Arthur’s seat, a whopping 251 m hike (basically a casual stroll in the park for a fitness guru like me). While it’s no Everest, the hike was surprisingly steep and rather precarious near the top, but well worth it for the incredible view of the city. Half the struggle came from forcing myself to look where I was going rather than at the sprawling landscape behind me. While I am many things, a hiking expert is not one of them, but even I can tell you that climbing a steep mountain with your head turned 180 degrees in the wrong direction is a bad idea. Finally, just as my breathing was getting embarrassingly heavy, we reached the peak. Rather than trying and failing to articulately describe the breathtaking view from the top, I’ve included some pictures below:

While the city is beautiful in any conditions, we were definitely blessed with a perfect day weather-wise. All-in-all, a successful hike followed by an even more successful nap.

The next few days consisted of some casual pub nights with new friends (definitely my type of night out, which makes my choice of city an extremely appropriate one), another hike up Arthur’s Seat, this time with the aforementioned friends (yes, I really did it twice in one week, and I’m just as surprised as you are), and a lot of significantly less fun but albeit necessary logistical errands like setting up a UK bank account and phone.

Needless to say my initial nerves had more than worn off by the end of the week. Every day this city feels more and more like home, and the more I explore the more I fall in love with it. Edinburgh has so much to offer, from Princes Street to Calton Hill to Victoria Street (all pictured below!). The Harry Potter nerd in me couldn’t be happier to be living in a city where, not only does every other street look like Diagon Alley, but where J.K. Rowling actually wrote the first novel (in a now famous café called The Elephant House, which of course I visited).

I’ve been writing this post from an equally adorable and similarly named café called Elephants and Bagels (which, as a Montrealer, I was inevitably drawn to), where I think I have far overstayed my welcome. So, I’m signing off for now, but stay tuned for my next entry which will include the trials and tribulations of another (much more challenging) hike, and is therefore guaranteed include far too much sarcasm about my [lack of] fitness and unadulterated hatred love for exercise.


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  1. Robert Sugar says:

    The beautiful pictures, and description of this lovely city are making me jealous for having left.

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