When Acquaintances Feel Like Old Friends

This afternoon I had the privilege of wandering Edinburgh with a new friend, Lizzie, searching around for cafés to use for study spots. Indulgent, we walked through the streets around campus smushing around exasperated people into secondhand bookshops, scouting out restaurants and coffee shops, and finding nooks in a city that’s beginning to feel like mine.

Lizzie is actually documenting her own stay in Edinburgh for a video diary and posted about our day, so in lieu of my terrible iphone camera photos, I thought I’d throw in her lovely video, as it captures the spirit of our mini-adventure this afternoon. (Yes, that’s me talking to the camera!)

I do feel like I’m starting to know the city with its character, charm, and all of its vibrancy. And it’s true – I can finally navigate myself to campus, and without a map at that! Still, I don’t know it at all. It would be insane to think that after two weeks here, I could. But it would be a dangerous game to be complaisant in my exploration of this city or this university. It’s important that I continue to get lost – intentionally or otherwise – and that I reach out to try and delve into everything that is at my fingertips right now. I need to remind myself to look up, see the sights, take steps off of the paths that I’m starting to feel comfortable navigating.

Setting aside time this afternoon with the express purpose of wandering was certainly a luxury, in the midst of my growing coursework assignments, cooking nightmares and list of societies I want to join. But moving forward, it’s luxuries like this I’m going to set aside time to afford.

(Many thanks to Lizzie (and her extremely expensive camera) for putting together a much better visual on our afternoon than I could have hoped to capture.)