So it Begins

It has only just now hit me as I sit perched on my bed with my 16-week-old family puppy by my side that I leave for Edinburgh in two weeks. As exciting as it sounds, it’s also unsettling. It’s not that I don’t know what to bring, I already have a few adapters, a raincoat, rain boots, even some A4 paper. I’m excited to have such a wonderful opportunity and this exchange is something I’ve dreamed about since I was in high school. But only today, just now as I sip my chai tea and stare at the laundry that’s cluttering my floor as I Google “Ikea cutlery” instead, that I realize I depart for Edinburgh in less than two weeks. I should be receiving my Visa next week (cutting it close, I know), my flight is booked, and I have the appropriate luggage. But I still lack the drive to figure out when to ship things like blankets, and clothing to my flat. Combating laziness to pack for school and will clearly take some willpower.

But as much as I have the anxiety of travel and the unknown, I’m not too anxious about starting at Edinburgh. Having started my first year in Chicago (hailing from the New York metro area), and transferring to the University of Connecticut, for my second year, having a “first day at school”, is something I’ve done twice. After all, I have spent the last five months talking about going to Edinburgh and researching fun spots to go to in the city to the annoyance and exhaustion of my gracious friends and family. I think at this point, they’re all ready for me to go so they no longer have to listen to me talk about it.

Now all I have left to do is channel my excitement for my next adventure into productive activities like getting boxes, more adapters, figuring out my cellphone plan, and saying goodbye to friends some I won’t see for nine months and others I hope to see while abroad. But now I’m just going to enjoy the time I have left (like my chai before the ice melts!), and get ready for what looks like be the best year of my college career.