Settling In

5 days after arrival and I have settled into my room and am ready for classes tomorrow! I was so lucky to have my parents help me during the process because we managed to get a handle of the city together and transform my room into a cozy and comfortable space.

Classes officially start tomorrow and even though I have a general sense of the city I was nervous about getting to my two classes on time. So, after my parents left in the afternoon I set out to find David Hume Tower in St. George’s Square and from there walk over to New College on the Mound. I was very happy to find both places without much trouble and I think I’ll be able to make the walk from one class to the other within the 20 minutes I will have — fingers crossed because I definitely don’t want to be that person walking in late on the first day of classes.

In terms of my impressions of the city I absolutely love it. No exaggerations. Edinburgh looks like a city out of a fairy tale. The buildings are huge and often intricate, built of big grey stone, and look like they are centuries old (which many of them are). Among the buildings there’s lots of greenery and when you catch a glimpse of Arthur’s Seat it’s stunning. On top of the beautiful backdrop I think Scottish people are great. In my experience locals are willing to sincerely help you when you ask and everybody seems to be very fun-loving.

My big first of the day was cooking a meal in my flat’s kitchen. It went well because the chicken I grilled and the salad I made (with feta and grapes) turned out delicious. However, there was a very scary moment when I turned around from the stove where the chicken was cooking and realized the whole kitchen was in smoke… Apparently the fan that circulates the smoke to outside was supposed to be turned on on a separate wall — not above the stove — and I wasn’t aware. Safe to say one or two more minutes of cooking and I would have set off the fire alarm. Luckily I figured it out and learned a big lesson for the future.

Some of my big to-do’s for the coming days is to head to the Student Associations office to figure out how to join some clubs, etc. and open a gym membership. I’m looking to really settle into a routine in terms of classes and preparing meals, and then start adding on new things to do.

All in all, love it so far and I’m really excited to meet new students and start getting into a rhythm. Thanks for reading, till next time.


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  1. Mariam says:

    Loved that blog ! And apparently I believe you represent country Georgia, if I’m not wrong 🙂

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