Getting here

August 18th, 2014

My preparation to head off to Edinburgh has been a wee bit different than most study abroad students, at least I am almost positive. I said goodbye to my family, friends, and boyfriend over two months ago. I packed three suitcases full to the brim with clothes and necessities such as rain boots, a plethora of summer dresses, makeup I never have time to actually wear, various medical supplies as I get hurt a lot, and of course plenty of books, and I got on a plane to the South of France. This was in June.

The entire process of shipping my passport off the WEEK before my flight, getting it back a day late, changing my flight, and finally getting my visa was stressful enough. But once I arrived in France, the stress would be daily, but well worth it.

I work as an au pair during the summers, and I live in the house of a wonderful family, and watch over two very spirited little girls; Perle (6) and Ambre (2).


Perle and Ambre in Elba, Italy

They keep me so busy, I had barely had time to even think about heading off to school in just about two weeks, until this weekend. I realized that I have absolutely no supplies, or bedding, or a pillow, or anything to bring with me besides clothing, So when I get to my flat, I will be sleeping on a pile of clothes if I don’t do anything about it. With this realization, I did what any twenty year­old alone in Europe would do, and I called my parents.

It was my day off, so I was up in the outdoor kitchen ( I know…) on Facetime with my mom, dad, twin sister, dog, cat, and little brother, (when he was able to tear himself away from his new Xbox.) As it was my one day off, the girls are supposed to leave me alone. but as they are children, this of course will never happen, which causes for some frustrating and entertaining situations.

I would talk as fast as I could for about 5 minutes asking my parents rapid­fire questions about money, and food, and plane baggage, and then Perle would appear with a princess crown and a foot in my face, causing my mom to laugh and my sister to roll her eyes, as she knew
what it was like because she stayed with me for two weeks. I would attempt to give Perle enough attention to buy myself another five minutes of constructive conversation. This went on for about an hour and a half until I was feeling a lot more comfortable with my plan for September, and Perle’s mom had given her a stern talking to.

I am so excited to start my new adventure in Edinburgh in just a few weeks. This is something that I have been dreaming about since I was 15, and I hope I do not burst into overwhelmed tears as soon as I land in Scotland. It will be scary to be completely on my own in a country I have yet to experience, but I cannot wait to see what this adventure brings me. I will miss my girls here, and I will continue to miss my loved ones back home, but I hope to bring back many stories for them that I will share with you all as well.

Until next time,