A Darker Shade of Green

So, finally, my bags are unpacked and my room is (somewhat) in order. I’ve met my flatmates (I think we all might be friends at this stage!) and I’m slightly less confused about my timetable for next week, and how I’m gonna make it to class on time. But sure that’ll all sort itself out…hopefully.

Being both Irish and a visiting student, I feel like I’ve been constantly comparing Edinburgh to back home. And even though there are some differences, it seems to be living up to my über-high standards:

– It’ green here too! Ok, so it’s a darker and deeper shade of green than the Wicklow Mountains that are just a drive down the motorway from me at home, but that’s ok, I can cope with that.

Photo 07-09-2014 09 15 29

– The people are so friendly! Ireland is known for its friendliness, but after a week here, I’m wondering why Scotland (or at least Edinburgh – I haven’t seen the rest of the country yet) isn’t known for the same thing!

– Coppers! So, one of the rites of passage as a college student in Dublin is going to Coppers on Harcourt Street for a night out. It’s dark, and just gross in general, but you can be sure most of the students in Dublin can be found there during the week in the evenings. And I’ve found out Edinburgh has an equivalent – the Hive. But what’s even better is that I found Coppers in Edinburgh – a ‘traditional food and coffee bar’ on Saint Patrick Square. And the best part? It’s for sale! Though somehow I don’t think I’ll be putting an offer in…

Photo 12-09-2014 14 02 50

I feel like I haven’t actually done anything touristy or any exploring other than memorising the trek to and from college. But a few of us did decide to go up Arthur’s Seat on Monday morning, so I guess that’s something. Not one of the best ideas though. It was very hot, even though the morning had been cold, and we weren’t prepared for all those stone steps to the top. So we didn’t make it to the top. But if you asked my flatmate, she’d tell you we did.

Photo 08-09-2014 11 40 53

And so tomorrow marks the end of my first week in Edinburgh. I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of pondering this week. Maybe it’s because I don’t know what else to be doing. But I’ve realised a few things. For one, my flatmates are great. And for having just been chucked together in a flat, we all have a good bit in common (well, at least enough to move on from the painfully awkward small talk!). Secondly, I’m surrounded by beauty – Arthur’s Seat just behind my accommodation, cobbled streets and old brick buildings everywhere you look. And finally (well, finally for this post, because it’s long enough and my brain is turning to mush), nothing disastrous has happened so far! So I think that’s a good note on which to end my first post. I have a full year of rambling on to do for this blog, so watch this space! 🙂