First full week, complete.

Sorry for the delayed nature of this post. It’s been a packed couple of days and I’ve finally succumbed to Fresher’s Flu.

I’ve completed my first week of classes (now on my second), and it’s been incredibly interesting. I knew coming to the UK would mean a completely different education system, and while I thought I understood it, the last week has been an exploration in the UK uni system. Unlike in the US, where you have multiple quizzes, tests, papers, midterms and finals, the humanities and social sciences (I am not a science person, so I can’t speak to the sciences here) approach it very differently.  Even in my German class, I have 2 tests, a final and tutorial participation as my only grades- contrast that to japanese my first year, where we had weekly (sometimes biweekly) quizzes,  midterm, a paper and class participation. I’m unwilling to pass judgement on either system, but while the UK system might seem simpler on the surface, I’m quickly learning that it means more outside class prep time, so it balances out.

During the week, I went to my first choir rehearsal with the Music Society (singing Verdi’s Requiem, concert on November 16th!), went to 2 archery practices and got some lovely bruises (inflicted by over rotation and the bow string), and went on a Wednesday night pub crawl with the archery team. The pub crawl was fun, but it certainly made waking up on Thursday for my 10am class a bit difficult…

With classes aside, the weekend arrived with plenty to do. On Friday, there was a student lock-in at the Princes Street Mall, which I went to and picked up a sweater with a fuzzy sheep on it. Probably one of the more insane purchases I’ve made, but I can totally picture myself wandering around Mount Holyoke next year wearing that sweater with leggings, so I think it’ll get worn more frequently than it should. 🙂 The day finished with watching The Iron Lady with Bella, a fantastic end to the day.

Saturday, I finally climbed Arthur’s Seat. It was a bit rough, as it’s been quite a while since I’ve done anything resembling hiking, but it was well worth the slightly sore muscles. Although it was slightly cloudy, our view was unimpaired at the top. The pictures can’t even begin to capture the sheer beauty of the climb.

IMG_2526  Bella and Gizem, who climbed with me.IMG_2511IMG_2524 IMG_2503 IMG_2508


Sunday brought brunch at Mum’s Comfort Food, (brunch is practically a Mount Holyoke tradition), with the majority of the MoHos who are here at Edinburgh for the semester or year. It was lovely getting to meet and chat with them, as well as compare experiences so far. Jo, Bella and I then headed to Primark for some shopping and a visit to the national galleries. Unfortunately, the impressionists exhibit was closed, but the Scottish artists gallery was beautiful. We then headed to Bella Italia for dinner, and parted as I went to meet a friend from MHC at the train station! She crashed on my floor through today (Tuesday), and it was wonderful getting to see her and chat.

All in all, a busy but good week!