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Hi all!
Today’s entry is in the form of a vlog letter, which I made for my friend Shannon. It is a prime example of some of the bizarre situations I somehow find myself in.

You may wonder about the logo at the end of the video– this is the reason I made this video in the first place. Shannon and I run a small theatre company in Vermont, and are currently preparing to go on tour this summer with an original play that we wrote and perform as a two woman production. We wanted to promote the show in a hands on, creative way, so we decided to make some videos back and forth. This way, we can not only keep in touch and be doing film work (which we both love), but also promote our show and let people see the production develop as we approach the tour. Not that this particular video is even slightly related to our tour…

It’s hard to book and write an entire production while also a full time student. This year has been especially challenging– my time in Edinburgh is already so limited that I really want to be focusing on HERE as much as possible. I know, though, that having something exciting to go home to will be really important. The tour will be wonderful– we did one last year, too, and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

If you are interested in our group, you can check out our facebook page, where we will post our tour schedule of the East Coast when I return to America.

Hope you like the video!


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  1. Helen Schepartz says:

    Yay Genna, Gavin, Stewart & Andrew! Well hooped! International teamwork!

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